Amber Heard's 'Aquaman' Fight Training Video Proves Just How Badass Mera Will Be

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Make no mistake: When the solo Aquaman movie finally comes out, don't expect his boo, Mera, to be just another damsel in distress. Amber Heard's latest Aquaman fight training video proves that Mera is going to be as badass as Aquaman in the movie. What's even more exciting is that Mera might actually be fighting on land beside Aquaman, if her training is any indication of what viewers can expect.

On Friday, Heard posted an Instagram showing her in the middle of an intense fight training session. I certainly wouldn't want to cross paths with the star after watching her put those fight skills on display. She's wielding a foam bat which could become some kind of spear or trident (hey, you gotta think nautical for Aquaman, OK?) in the actual film. Watching her whip that bat around leaves you with the feeling Heard will be channeling some serious ferocity into her characterization of Mera, and that Mera, in turn, will be every bit as badass as Aquaman.

We have yet to hear full plot details about what will happen in the solo Aquaman movie. What we do know for sure is that Jason Momoa and Heard have insane chemistry, thanks to comments made by director James Wan back in 2016. This bodes well for the kind of strong and unified relationship Momoa and Heard's Aquaman and Mera, respectively, will have onscreen. Can you even begin to imagine how cool it would be to watch Heard fight alongside Momoa, given the intensity of the moves on display here?

Heard's video leaves me even more hyped to see what exactly Aquaman will be like as a solo movie. It's nice to see that another DCEU heroine — can't forget Wonder Woman, fam — will be a fighter, as opposed to a bystander. Her fighting skills are going to be the bomb diggity. Will we end up loving Mera more than Aquaman? Only time will tell, but this video leaves all signs pointing toward "yes."