Can You Have Two Climaxes At Once?

Depending on which sex experts you ask, there’s more than one type of female orgasm you can experience. Although the clitoral orgasm is the most common, the vaginal orgasm, also known as the G-spot orgasm, isn’t too far behind. Then of course there are skin orgasms, coreorgasms, childbirth orgasms, and a handful of other orgasms that you probably didn’t know existed, which is pretty damn exciting. Some orgasms can be a head-to-toe experience, or even something that we either consciously or subconsciously bring on, like the mental orgasm.

While trying to decide which type of orgasm is your favorite, if you’re fortunate enough to have experienced more than one, I think we can all agree the more intense the better. That’s where the blended orgasms come into play, blowing multiple orgasms out of the water.

So, what’s a blended orgasm? “[A blended orgasm is] simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation,” Sex Therapist and Sexologist, Stefani Threadgill, tells Bustle. Basically, it means that you’re having two orgasms at once, stemming from two parts of your body, and there’s this massive explosion of sensation that, if it could be bottled, might save the world. You know, because it feels so good and when people feel good, they’re happy. Happiness the world over just might lead to peace the world over, too.

Can you experience a blended orgasm? Yes; it just takes some practice. Here are four things to know about the blended orgasm.

1. You Need To Be Able To Vaginally Orgasm

Even if you fall into the 75 to 80 percent of women who need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope you. First, you need to locate your G-spot, which is just inside your vagina, about two inches up, and against the inside back of your stomach. According to Threadgill, you can reach it by inserting “two fingers, palm-up, with a ‘come-here’ motion.” Since it feels a bit spongy and you’ll definitely experience a physical response from touching it, you’ll know when you’ve found it.

2. You Need To Be Able To Experience Clitoral Orgasms

Since we’re talking blended here, and blended does require both vaginal and clitoral orgasms, you need to be able to climax from clitoral stimulation, which is how the majority of women orgasm anyway. But if you’ve never experienced a clitoral orgasm, Threadgill has some pointers: “The clitoris requires steady stimulation, and women vary in sensitivity,” she says. She also suggests exploring different parts of the clitoris, because “some women report that the upper left quadrant of the clitoris is more sensitive.” So, you know, feel around and see where your sweet spot is.

3. It Requires The Right Position

Since there are ideal sex positions that hit the G-spot and sex positions that are great for clitoral stimulation, then of course, there’s a sex position out there that will up your chances of experiencing a blended orgasm. “During sex, lowering to your elbows in a rear-entry (doggy style) position will tilt the pelvis for access to the G-spot; simultaneously the partner can use two fingers in a slow circular motion to stimulate the clitoris,” says Threadgill.

She adds that fingertip vibes are great in this position to really take that clitoral stimulation to the next level, while your G-spot is getting penetrated.

4. Realize It Takes Practice

Like anything, getting to the point where you experience a blended orgasm takes practice. It also takes getting to know your body really well, exploring what feels good (and what doesn't), and then communicating your findings to your partner— which, even if you don't end up experiencing a blended orgasm, are never bad things.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Giphy (4)