Amy Schumer Marches With Her BFFs

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There was no shortage of celebrities at the Women's March on Washington, proving once again how much Hollywood cares. If you need more convincing Hollywood's heart is in the right place, then look no further than Amy Schumer's Women's March Instagrams featuring her famous pals. Schumer managed to snap pics with everyone from her fellow Amy, Amy Poehler, to famous feminist Gloria Steinem.

The comedian showed up to the march wearing a NASA suit, ready to march to preserve the many women's rights under threat now that Donald Trump is president, including access to Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. Along the way, she ran into a number of like-minded friends, just as eager to make a difference and have their voices heard. Thankfully, the Trainwreck star had the presence of mind to document as many of her encounters as possible, despite the excitement of the day.

Schumer's photos truly capture the essence of the march. She snapped photos of the expansive crowd, took pictures with her friends, and somehow managed to convey the positive, fierce energy of all the women who showed up to fight for something bigger than themselves in Washington on Saturday. Change is going to come as long as the world has amazing women like Schumer and her friends fighting for it. ‌

"America the beautiful," Schumer captioned her photo with America Ferrera. In a stirring speech at the beginning of the march, Ferrera declared, "The President is not America. We are America." ‌

In a candid photo, the actor brought together the world's two favorite Amys when she met up with Poehler. ‌

She also captured a powerful shot of Madonna rocking out for the women in the crowd.

Then Schumer found Orange is the New Black's Uzo Aduba rocking what may be the best sign ever. Aduba's sign simply reads, "What Meryl Said," in a nod to Meryl Streep's stirring Golden Globes speech.

In one of the sweetest pics by far, Schumer found her close friend and Girls star, Lena Dunham in the crowd. She captioned the picture, "That moment Lena Dunham and I found each other." Total friendship goals.

She also met up with her other bestie, Amber Tamblyn.

Then Schumer tried to play it cool when she took a picture with the world's coolest feminist icon, Steinem.

Finally, Schumer shared a gorgeous photo of herself with her fist raised in the air, facing a crowd united by purpose and love, ready to change the world. What an amazing day.