Andy Cohen Tackled Bravo Fans' Biggest Questions & You'll Feel So Satisfied By His Answers

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Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen viewers are used to Andy Cohen asking all of the questions and pushing his guests to spill tea and share their honest opinions. That's why it was a great change of pace when Andy Cohen answered questions about Bravo shows during a recent interview with ABC News.

As great of an interviewer as Cohen is, he proved that he's also a great interviewee. He did not hold back when he was asked questions about all of the top Bravo shows. Not only is he the host of WWHL, but he's also an executive producer for other Bravo shows, and most importantly a big fan of the series on the network. So, of course, he can't help having opinions about the hot topics that are on the minds of Bravo fanatics everywhere.

During the recent ABC News interview, Cohen discussed the Real Housewives shows (of course), Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Watch What Happens Live, and a now-defunct show that the fans can't stop asking about.

So, what did Cohen have to say exactly? These are just some of the soundbites that truly stood out from the interview with the man who is the king of Bravo.

He Shared His 'Watch What Happens Live' Dream Guest
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During the interview, Cohen was asked, "What guest — that you haven’t had — would you want to book on Watch What Happens Live?" He answered, "Well, we've been working on Michelle Obama." Now that she's not the First Lady of the United States, that might be a more realistic possibility.

This is especially true, since Chrissy Teigen revealed that the former First Lady is a big Real Housewives fan during a 2015 Watch What Happens Live episode, according to E! News. The model revealed, "She's definitely a fan of Atlanta, which I am as well." The other interesting thing here is that these two women have spoken about Bravo show — something that she could be asked about during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

He Revealed Which Housewife He Wants Back On TV
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Out of all of the Real Housewives cast members that have come and gone, it's a very big deal that Cohen named former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo as the one that he wants back on the network. She left the show in 2013 after five seasons as a full-time Housewife. She went right from RHONJ to her own spinoff with her family called Manzo'd With Children, which is no longer airing, so maybe it's the perfect time for a comeback.

He Explained Why Marlo Hampton Isn't A Real Housewife

Marlo Hampton always brings top-notch drama when she appears on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she's never been a Real Housewife. Instead she is a "Friend of the Housewives." Why is that?

Cohen explained, "At first, we wondered whether it was a right fit. Nene [Leakes] was advocating her from the start and then she and Nene really fell out...and then Nene left the show and so I mean, it’s been kind one thing after the next." But now the OG cast member is back as a full-time cast member and getting along with Marlo, so does this mean that Marlo will (finally) secure Real Housewife status.

He Explained Why Kandi Has Had SO MANY Spinoff Shows
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Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burruss has had more spinoff shows and specials than any other Real Housewife. She had a show about looking for aspiring musical artists called The Kandi Factory. She and her family filmed their vacation for Kandi's Ski Trip. She filmed her wedding planning and the big day itself for the show Kandi's Wedding. She and her fellow bandmates from the group Xscape reunited for the show Xscape Still Kickin' It. None of these shows have gone on for more than one season, but now she's getting her own talk show called Kandi Koated Nights. Why so much Kandi on one network when the shows don't seem to last?

Thankfully someone finally asked, "Why does Kandi get a spinoff every season? Does she pitch herself or does she have something in her contract?" Cohen explained, "She doesn’t have anything in her contract. She's just a good businesswoman and she always has a lot of ideas and she’s also really passionate." Clearly she's an amazing businesswoman, since no other Housewife has nearly as much exposure on the network.

He Shared Which Old Show People Ask About Most

Out of all the shows that have been on Bravo, The People's Couch is highly missed by the viewers. Cohen revealed, "I get more texts and tweets about that show, but I think the ratings were not that strong enough to make Bravo bring it back, to pick it up. It was fun for a couple years." Let's bring it back?

He Teased More Drama Ahead For Ashley On 'Southern Charm'

Cohen also discussed Thomas Ravenel's girlfriend Ashley Jacobs' meltdown on the current season of Southern Charm. This man has seen a lot of meltdowns throughout the years, but even he admitted, "I was stunned. I was stunned and it’s not her last meltdown of the season and what happens at the reunion is jaw dropping." That reunion needs to be here ASAP.

He Shared His Reaction To Jax & Brittany's Engagement News

Cohen had the same reaction to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's engagement that a lot of Vanderpump Rules viewers had. He said, ""I was both surprised and not at all [surprised]." He also emphasized, "I hope Jax doesn't blow it." Same, Andy.

He's more than just a man behind the scenes and a talk show host. He is a fan that's just as invested in these shows as the rest of the viewers are. Honestly, Cohen cannot help having such strong opinions and insight after spending so much time working on and discussing Bravo shows.