Twitter Couldn't Deal With This Graphic 'How To Get Away With Murder' Scene

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

The realization that Laurel was pregnant on How To Get Away With Murder was shocking. The realization that Annalise was pregnant and lost her baby on How To Get Away With Murder was shocking. But watching Annalise give Laurel's baby CPR on How To Get Away With Murder? That was something that many steely How To Get Away With Murder viewers were definitely not prepared for.

Let's back up — Laurel is pregnant with Wes' baby, and over the course of Season 4, we've watched it grow and grow inside her belly (this is normal pregnancy stuff). What's not normal pregnancy stuff is that Laurel is planning a very elaborate takedown of her father and his company, Antares, because she found out that her father had Wes killed. Laurel recruited Michaela and Oliver to help in the quest, mostly because there are a bunch of dead bodies between them (they can trust each other) and because Michaela and Oliver work at Caplan & Gold — the firm that Antares runs all their business through. Funny how it works out like that sometimes. In any case, this was working, sort of, until Connor got involved and then Asher got involved and then Simon got involved and then Simon accidentally got shot in the head. It wasn't a great day. Let's say that.

This trauma, coupled with Laurel's getting hit in the belly earlier in the day, must have sent her into premature labor, because pretty soon after leaving Caplan & Gold's murderous scene, Laurel is bleeding out in an elevator and the baby is born between her legs. Annalise, fortunately, hears Laurel's screams and somehow gets the elevator doors open. Laurel passes out and Annalise starts giving Laurel's prematurely born son CPR and it. is. a. moment. "Live! Live! Live!" Annalise screams as she tries to get that baby to breathe and cry, and when he does finally let out a wail, it is like music to her ears.

It wasn't exactly a beautiful moment for a lot of Twitter users, though. Fan reactions ranged from grossed out to absolutely shook (I was somewhere in the middle). Let's take a look and see what people were saying following the How To Get Away With Murder fall finale.

Some were overwhelmed with the whole episode...

And who could blame them, honestly? It was a lot.

And some were really concerned for the baby's fate.

That baby didn't do anything wrong, so he can't be blamed for how messed up his mother is.

Others just can't wait for the show to come back on January 18.

That's a long time to have to think about your favorite show.

There were some theories...

Good fans always have theories.

And plenty of feelings, too.

All the feels were ready for this episode.

The worst part about all of this is that we can have as many feelings and prayers and thoughts as we want for the characters, but we still have to wait until January 18 to see what happens to everyone! Does the baby really live? Why is he missing in the flash forwards? Why is Isaac there? Does Simon live? Does Asher's arrest stick? Are we just going to forget that Dominick was definitely at Laurel's apartment to kill her? I particularly like the idea that the baby represents some sort of redemption for Annalise — she lost her own son, and she lost Wes, and perhaps now she gets her third shot at saving a life. Maybe.

Phew. No matter what you think of it, I think we can agree. How To Get Away With Murder is not a show for the faint of heart. January 18 can't come fast enough.