Antoni Porowski's New Cooking Series Will Help Fight Off Your Quarantine Blues

Antoni Porowski Cooking Show Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

COVID-19 may be putting a cramp in your social life, but that doesn't mean your culinary skills have to suffer as well. That's why Antoni Porowski's new quarantine cooking show, titled "Show Me What You're Working With" is the answer to all of your problems. The digital series will center around the Queer Eye star as he interacts one-on-one with fans to help them create a delicious meal based on the ingredients they currently have in their kitchen.

Each episode — which will premiere weekly and debut exclusively across Netflix social channels including YouTube and Facebook — will focus on new people and a new meal in the hopes of helping others make the most out of their food supplies. The first installment of the series is already available and features a couple from Syracuse, NY.

Brenda is a pharmacist and James is an ER physician, both of whom are looking for something fun to do with the remaining eggs in their fridge. Luckily, Antoni has the perfect solution: he's going to teach them how to make shakshuka. In the short, 13-minute episode, Antoni demonstrates the step-by-step process firsthand for all to see. And as a bonus treat, his boyfriend Kevin and their foster dog Neon both make cameos during the video.

Those interested in benefiting from Antoni's cooking expertise can apply at any time. All you need to do is send a short video to Antoni's email at antoniwillcookforyou@gmail.com. Include your name, location, some information about yourself, and what ingredients you currently have at your disposal. If your submission is selected, then he'll be in touch shortly thereafter to concoct a special recipe just for you.

As per the press release, it is Antoni's hope that the series will "help everyone at home use what they have to make quarantine life just a little bit tastier."

It may not be quite as exciting as watching new episodes of Queer Eye would be, but honestly, it's the next best thing.

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