If You Love Books, You Need To Download These Apps ASAP

The modern book lover is not only a fan of literature, but also technology, as well as the bridge between the two. As a modern book lover myself, I have first-hand experience with people being confused by how much I love to read and how much I love my technology — but for me, the combination of interests makes perfect sense. Because sometimes the old world and the new world come together seamlessly and apps are the most profound example of that. There are so many amazing apps for book lovers that will not only enhance your reading experience, but help you find books you might never otherwise come across, and give you access to authors around the world. Plus, some apps can help you connect with other book lovers, to help make the solo act of reading feel a little bit more social. Because if you're a full-time book worm, you know it can get lonely.

But you no longer need to have a hospitable living room to be a part of a book club. Now, thanks to lit apps, you can connect with book lovers from around the world and create an ongoing virtual book club that works with your lifestyle and schedule. These are some of my favorite apps that you've got to have on your phone if you all about that #lit life:



While I prefer to read book with my eyes, sometimes I don't have the time to sit and read, so the best way for me to work through my reading list and keep up with my schedule is to listen to Audible books. This app is a dream, especially if you have a commute.



Not only does Kindle have every new release that you can't wait to get your hands on, but it has so many classics and rare finds that you'll never need to tear through a library again.



This OG app is a must-have database. You can find books, read reviews, add reviews, talk to other readers, or my favorite, read quotes from books.

The Paris Review


If you're not a physical subscription kind of girl, The Paris Review app is the best way to get your quarterly lit, without having to find your mailroom key. It's not cheap, but it allows you to store all your issues safely in your phone and has all sorts of special features.

Free Books


Yep, you guessed it, this free app helps you find free books to read. Not every great story comes with a price.



This app comes with 20 million stories built in and available without wi-fi service, plus a community of readers and writers who you can interact with and share stores with on or offline.



This membership subscription service includes three books, one audio book and unlimited articles per month. There's more than enough content to keep you fully entertained and well read.



This app is pretty cute and a lot of fun to use, though not entirely necessary. Basically it allows you to take pictures of your bookshelf and digitally catalog them to keep track of your bounty. Plus you can find digital copies of classic books.

Wall Of Books


Sometimes you have judge a book by the cover. Book Wall takes your book search results and arranges them in a mosaic so you can make a choice based on what you're visually drawn too.