Pranks To Play On Your Kids This April Fools' Day

Apr. 1 is a good day, not just because it's due time for the spring sunshine to finally start making its appearance, but also because it's the day of jokes. April Fools' Day, also known as the official day of laughter, is celebrated among many cultures with one main goal: to play a practical joke so good, you laugh your ass off. There's nothing better than playing a good, crude joke on your best friends, a corny joke on your boss and coworkers, or a cruel joke on your parents because you know their love is unconditional, and they will always forgive you.

When it comes to playing a good April Fools' Day joke on your own kids, though, the bar is raised significantly. This is the one day a year you can take advantage of setting your kids up for a big scare, a moment of embarrassment, a laughter-inducing frustration tantrum, or just a good belly laugh for everyone involved. This is your hall pass to get your kids back for all the BS they've put you through so far this year, and to wipe the slate clean.

There's no sound like your own kid's laughter, so take this day to soak it all in. Get involved in April Fools' Day 2017 with these hilarious practical pranks to play on your kids.

The "Bugs Life" Trick

If your kid is young enough, while they're enjoying their nightly pre-bed shower, toss some fake bugs around the drain or on the wall. Better yet, if they're in the bathtub, send those things floating around the bubbly water.

The Paranoid Preteen Prank

Post a sign on the back of your car that instructs cars passing by to honk and yell the kid's name as they drive by. Your kid is going to be so dumbfounded in the passenger seat.

The Mysterious Case Of The Whoopie Cushion

On April Fools' Day, "Whoopee Cushion" becomes a verb. Whoopee Cushion all day — everywhere your kid goes, everywhere they sit, morning and night, all damn day.

The Moving Scare

Throw a "For Sale" sign in your front yard and your kids will think life as they know it is over.

The Robbery Heist

Stage a "robbery" in your home, only for your kid to realize the robber only stole his or her most prized possessions, none of yours.

The Pet Burglar

Send your pets to daycare or out with your spouse for an hour or two. When your kid asks where their furry friends are, pretend you have no idea what happened to them.

Hide-and-Seek Shoes

Hide the match to each pair of your kid's shoes, and watch them erupt in frustration as they try to lace up to head outside and play with their friends.

The "Order's Up" Joke

Serve your kid something completely bizarre and unknown. It's either a food they've never had before, or go for the classic prank of swapping dessert with dinner, or vice versa. Mashed potato "sundae" anyone? How about a grilled cheese made with cake and icing?

The Closet Monster Prank

Send your kid to the closet to get something, and have your spouse in there waiting with a mask on. They'll never believe you again when you say monsters don't live in the closet.

"The Principal Rules" Scare

Pretend the principal called to say your kid's been up to no good, and stage some elaborate, outlandish story about what they did wrong.

The "Balloon Bowl" Joke

Stick a helium balloon inside the toilet and put down the lid. When your kid rushes in to go to the bathroom and lifts the lid, out comes a surprise.

The Musical Mattress Prank

While they're sleeping, pick up your kids' mattresses and carry them to the living room. When they wake up on the floor the next morning, they'll have no idea what happened.

The Carpool Hijack Joke

Dress up as anything — a character, another woman, from another decade — and pick your kids up from school. Make sure you land a good spot in the carpool lane, and get out of the car to really pull off the most embarrassing prank of the century.