April Fools' Day Facebook Pranks To Watch For

by Kiersten Hickman

Have any of you been a victim of April Fools' Day pranks on Facebook? Because I am here to tell you that I am a personal witness to them every year, and want to do everything I can to steer you away from falling down the same rabbit hole on April Fools' Day in 2017. I want to save you from embarrassing comments, texts, emails, even phone calls where you were sucked into the prank.

Here's my story: It was the first day of April many moons ago. The sky was blue. Flowers were blooming. I was no longer in a house with my brothers where I had to worry about April Fools' Day pranks to ruin my day. I grabbed my usual raspberry mocha at my college campus' coffee shop before heading to my 9:40 a.m. class when I opened up Facebook, only to find that one of my good friends was... pregnant?

I could hardly believe it. Who was she dating? Was it possibly her high school boyfriend that she broke up with a month before graduation? And why did she seem so happy about it in her status? I shot her a message on my phone letting her know I was there for her if she needed anything... only to get a text back that said, “YOU’VE BEEN PUNK’D!”

At first I was angry, but then I realized how silly I was to actually believe a Facebook status such as that. It was April Fools' Day after all, and Facebook is the perfect place to prank everyone you know (including Grandma, who’s now on Facebook and wants to know all of your deepest darkest secrets so she can share them with the girls at her retirement home).

Here are a few other Facebook statuses that I have caught since then that you should be watching for this April Fools' Day:


Unless it’s someone you knew 100 percent was going to get proposed that day, just don’t believe it.

Pregnancy Announcements

Eye roll. Doubt it.


I mean, would they really want their anniversary to be on April Fools' Day every year?


Think about it — if a couple actually broke up, they probably would try and keep it quiet. But if they’re making a huge Facebook status about it? Again, eye roll.


If it’s to somewhere exotic (like the Bahamas or New Zealand), that’s a bit obvious. But especially be wary if it’s somewhere that seems a bit more normal — like Nashville or Portland.


People — you can buy fake tattoos and piercings these days. Don’t believe it. Don’t.

Lottery Winners

What are the chances that you win the lottery anyway, and on April Fools' Day no less?

Canceled Work/School

I doubt that school or work will be closed due to a “snowstorm” or some other lame excuse. Don’t believe them!

House Buyers

Does that house your friend just posted look a bit, um, out of their price range? Chances are it’s just a rouse!