Andrew Garfield Gave Emma Stone A Standing Ovation

When Emma Stone won her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical, it was clear that the star is beloved by her fellow actors, because there was a standing ovation — and one of the people standing up was Andrew Garfield, her ex-boyfriend. That show of support may have just been from one talented performer to another, but are Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield still friends? It's possible that these two managed to turn their ended relationship into a healthy friendship. After all, they always seemed like one of Hollywood's most likable, relatable couples.

Garfield could have easily gotten away with applauding from his seat, but he did choose to stand up and give an enthusiastic reaction. Perhaps it's a key to where he and Stone stand in their relationship. While the pair don't often talk about their romance, why it ended, or where they stand today, they have been spotted hanging out occasionally after their breakup — and a People source claimed recently that Stone & Garfield are still friendly. In any event, the two been on the awards circuit together for a while now promoting their films La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge, and their interactions have reportedly been positive at places like the AFI luncheon, according to InStyle.

And maybe Garfield is feeling as nostalgia for their days together as fans are. Just a few days before the Golden Globes, a newly released interview from W Magazine featured the actor reminiscing over a birthday celebration five years ago where he, Stone, and some friends took an, uh, enhanced trip to Disneyland and had what Garfield called a great time.

So while it seems unlikely that Garfield and Stone are back together romantically, it's nice to see that they still seem to be on good terms, and support each other's achievements.