Fans Think This Clue Means That Bey & Jay Will Go On Tour Together In 2018

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get your bank accounts ready: the Internet is buzzing with speculation that Beyoncé and JAY-Z are going on tour together again, and soon. Eagle-eyed members of the Beyhive spotted suspicious evidence online that seemed to point to an upcoming Beyoncé-JAY-Z tour on Wednesday, Feb. 21, and the fandom hasn't stopped talking about it since. Is the world ready for another Bey and Jay concert experience? One thing's for sure: fans everywhere can't wait to find out.

The speculation over a new Beyoncé and JAY-Z tour actually began weeks ago, when on Jan. 24, Hot 97's Laura Stylez of Ebro in the Morning said on the air that she had sources who told her that "The Carters — JAY-Z and Beyoncé — might (this is a might) be announcing a tour very soon," as reported by BET. At the time, fans were cautiously optimistic due to the lack of official confirmation, but now it looks like Stylez might have been right. On Feb. 21, fans noticed an official "Beyoncé & JAY-Z" page had popped up on Ticketmaster UK's website, according to reporting from Hollywood Life. The page has no dates listed yet, but the very fact that it exists has, at the very least, given fans the ability to hope that, someday soon, they'll get to see the King and Queen perform together live.

The American Ticketmaster website also has a page for "Beyoncé & JAY-Z Tickets," and with only two fan reviews, both posted on Feb. 21, it's reasonable to conclude that the page is relatively new. There are no events listed on the page, but fans can sign up for ticket alerts to be notified before any go on sale, ensuring they won't miss a thing once or if they do.

The idea of a joint Mr. and Mrs. Carter tour isn't all that surprising. Beyoncé and JAY-Z toured together five years ago in their "On The Run" tour, but that said, if they do indeed tour again soon, it will be quite a different show. Both Beyoncé and JAY-Z gave fans a front-row seat to their marriage on recent albums, Lemonade and 4:44, respectively, including details of JAY-Z's extramarital affair. Though the couple has seemingly gotten past the infidelity, diehard fans aren't convinced that touring together would be such a good idea.

Meanwhile others are thrilled at the idea of potentially hearing Lemonade and 4:44 side by side. The two albums are arguably the musicians' most personal yet, feature a few collaborations between the two, and, obviously, go together nicely. It would definitely be a tour unlike any other.

Fans hoping for a Beyoncé-JAY-Z tour were encouraged when they spotted a new version of Beyoncé's hit "Sweet Dreams," which popped up on iTunes and Spotfiy on Thursday. That said, according to Twitter user and The Fader news editor Myles Tanzer, Beyoncé has denied any involvement with the remix, with a representative for the singer quoted as saying, "This is not us."

Maybe she's telling the truth, or maybe it's backpedaling so as not to ruin the surprise announcement of the tour. Granted, it's hard to imagine Beyoncé doing anything so carelessly. She is, after all, a marketing genius who practically reinvented how albums are release when she dropped Beyoncé in 2013. Back then, she went on tour with her husband successfully, which means its been four long years since fans got the chance to see them on stage together.

If Beyoncé and JAY-Z are, indeed, planning a joint tour, that means fans will need to crack open their piggy banks in a an attempt to get tickets. But, well, for Bey and Jay? Anything.