Are ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows Vegan? These Shades Are Guilt-Free

This launch keeps getting better and better. ColourPop is releasing 20 new pressed powder eyeshadows on Friday, Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m PT. These will be trendy colors, available as single serve shadows or in two fixed palettes. The brand is also offering a free, empty palette for shoppers that want to build their own custom palette by purchasing four single serve colors. That way, ColourPop fanatics can have fun with trendy hues, use the shadow(s) a bunch, hit pan, and then pop 'em out and replace them with newer, trendier colors as trends evolve. There's no commitment and the palette is totally repurposable. The palette is somewhat green, as well, since you re-use it rather than tossing it. The single serve shadows are $5, while the palettes are $18. But what about their animal friendliness? Are the ColourPop Pressed Powder eyeshadows vegan?

According to the ColourPop Snapchat reveal, yes, all of the new pressed powder shadows are vegan. So if your animal sympathies extend to your cosmetic purchases, you can purchase the new ColourPop shadows in guilt-free fashion.

The new vegan shadows will be available at the ColourPop site. Since they are just $5 a (colour)pop, you can stock up without doing damage to your wallet or credit card statement and while remaining true to your ethics.

No animals are harmed or used in the creation of the new pressed powder shadows. That's a beautiful thing. This is the screen grab of the ColourPop Snap confirming the new shadows are vegan.

How about the pigmentation evidenced in these swatches? These all get a "Yes" from me.

More swatches! The pressed powder launch really spans the color spectrum. Trendy. Bold. Shimmery. Matte. Awesome.

Jan. 13 cannot get here fast enough! Kudos to ColourPop for another slaytastic launch, featuring an array of affordable, trendy, and cool colors, and one that is animal-friendly.

Images: ColourPop Snapchat (4)