Are New Kylie Cosmetics Velvets Coming Soon? There's Good News, Fans

Fans of Kylie Cosmetics have had a great day. Not only is the brand running a buy one, get one free promotion for Cinco de Mayo, but Kylie Jenner also had another surprise for her fans. As it turns out, new Kylie Cosmetics Velvets are coming, and like always Jenner has teased fans with the shades — kind of.

On Friday, Jenner took to her popular Snapchat to tease fans with a black and white look at three all new Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. While the swatches didn't give much away in terms of the future hues coming from the Velvets line, it did let fans know that the formula will be getting even more color choices. Currently, there are only four Velvet lip kits with Kylie Cosmetics which means that the formula is definitely due for some additions.

As for when new Velvets could be released, there's no word. In fact, Jenner's post to her Snapchat was fairly vague only explaining that she can't wait to show the new shades to her fans. As for what they look like, they're definitely a gradient with one shade that definitely appears as if it may be a nude hue and a darker shade to complete the three. As for the middle shade, it looks like we'll have to wait and see.

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Typically, Jenner announces shades only a short time after she teases them on her Snapchat. If she feels comfortable enough for fans to see them in black and white, my guess is that they'll be coming in color soon.

The three new lippies may not have made their official — in technicolor — debut yet, but there are some inferences that can be made about the potential new shades. The first being based on the existing colors. All four of the current Velvets have a pink or orange undertone. If I had to guess, something with a brown undertone may be in the newest launch. There's also no true nude in the exisiting colors. I'd be on the lookout for that as well.

While there may be no word yet on when the new Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipsticks will launch or even be swatched, for fans of the formula, the news is undoubtedly exciting. As usual, beauty fans will be keeping their eyes peeled on Jenner's and the brand's social media for more.