These Scheana & DJ Pauly D Tweets Are Raising 'Vanderpump Rules' & 'Jersey Shore' Fans’ Eyebrows

by Kristie Rohwedder
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Sexy Unique Rumors about a Vanderpump Rules star and a Jersey Shore icon reached an int-purse-esting level over the weekend. For the last few months, fans have been wondering if Scheana Shay and Paul DelVecchio are dating. Or at the very least, if they're entertaining the idea of dating. And then, the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards happened and the Scheana and DJ Pauly D dating rumors started ringing louder than the duck phone when the cabs are here.

Though Scheana has insisted time and time again that she is not seeing anyone right now, that has not deterred Pump Rules viewers from suspecting otherwise. There were the paparazzi photos of Scheana and Robby Hayes’s trip to Hawaii. There was the “date night” Instagram Story that, as Betches noted, Scheana posted shortly before she shared a pic of Pump Rules Season 6 supporting character Adam Spott. And earlier this year, fans began to wonder if something was a-brewin’ between Scheana and DJ Pauly D.

The whispers about DJ Pauly D and Scheana commenced back in March after Scheana tweeted, “hey @DJPaulyD you should be here.” This post raised some important questions. What’s going on? Was she flirting? Was it totally platonic? Was it a joke? Is something happening between the two reality TV icons? How do they know each other?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hop on the ol' Instagram, and you'll find the answer to that last question in, like, two minutes. When Scheana moved to Las Vegas for her show, Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man, she started spending a lot of time with The Challenge star Kailah Casillas. Casillas is dating a musician named Mikey P. Mikey P knows DJ Pauly D through Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Mikey P and DJ Pauly D are buddies. So, there you have it: Scheana and DJ Pauly D know each other through mutual friends.

As is wont to happen whenever one star of a powerhouse reality show tweets at another star of another powerhouse reality star, fans took note.

Fast-forward to May 14 when Twitter user @haleyxhargove tweeted, “I want to play celebrity match maker… @DJPaulyD should take @scheana on a date next time they’re both in Vegas.”

Scheana quote-tweeted this post, adding, “Haha! [¯shrug emoji] @iammikeyp @kailah_casillas.” And then, Mikey P quote-tweeted Scheana’s post, writing, “..and for my next profession....match maker. @DJPaulyD say hi to @scheana.” It should be noted that he punctuated the tweet with the cry-laughing emoji and the shrugging emoji. So it all seems in good fun, right?

On Saturday, June 16, Scheana and DJ Pauly D attended the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. DelVecchio was on the award show’s ones and twos, and Scheana’s reality series, Vanderpump Rules, was up for a golden popcorn. And apparently, they hung out. As Inquisitr pointed out, Scheana shared and Instagram Story she took while she danced with DJ Pauly D that night. She also shared a picture of a purse with a DJ Pauly D decal on it, writing, “He got me! @djpaulyd.” She presumably means he "got her" by slapping a sticker of his own face on her bag. She should thank her lucky stars: that's a pretty chill prank by the Prank War champion.

Oh, and she also tweeted this:

And then, this happened:

And then, Twitter user @Gigi_Moreno asked, "So are Scheana and Pauly dating? I'm kind of here for it." Here's what happened next:

And then, Twitter user @Dannya24 tweeted that he believed DJ Pauly D and Scheana were kidding, but still wants them to be a thing. Scheana liked the post.

And then, Mikey P chimed in.

Kidding or not, reality TV Twitter has some feelings about Scheana and DJ Pauly D connecting at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Many feelings.

So many feelings.

Wait, whats this. What's this? Scheana liked @haleyxhargrove's "I'm rooting for it" tweet, too.

And she liked @fimpfila's tweet as well.

Interesting stuff. The Pumper sure seems to get a kick out of the Scheana and Pauly D shipping, eh?

Of course, the tweets and the likes and the hanging out and the sticker do not mean they're a thing. Scheana and DJ Pauly D may simply just be having fun with all of the rumors and whatnot. Whatever the case may be, this sure has been a wild ride. I love reality TV romance speculation this time of year!