'Pump Rules' Couple Stassi & Beau May Take Another *Huge* Step Before Getting Engaged

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Spoilers ahead for Vanderpump Rules Season 7, Episode 20. Stassi Schroeder has kissed many a frog on Vanderpump Rules. First and most notably, there was Jax Taylor, a man who has admittedly cheated on every woman he's ever dated. Then there was Frank, the other guy from SUR; followed by Patrick, the New York radio DJ who kept commenting on Lisa's body. None of those men were great fits for Stassi, and thankfully, her new guy is way, way better. In fact, if previews for the upcoming episode are any indication, Stassi and Beau might get engaged very, very soon.

After Stassi and Patrick split up for the last time, it didn't seem like she was single for long. Stassi finally took the advice of Katie and Kristen, who had been pushing her to go out with this guy they knew named Beau, and she said, "Why not?" And the rest, as they say, is history, because Stassi and Beau have been together ever since. As Stassi told People, "I don’t feel badly about shouting it from the rooftops because y’all, I’ve been through like 15 years of sh*t boyfriends, so now that I have a good one and I’m fine to brag about it!" And brag about it she shall.

As fans saw earlier in Season 7, Stassi and Beau have already done the whole "meet the parents" thing, so is it only a matter of time before we're watching Beau get down on one knee? Well, possibly, if the preview for next week's Vanderpump Rules isn't a red herring. Lisa is asking Beau if he's planning on proposing, Stassi is looking all starry-eyed and teary, and... is it about to happen, a big proposal? Maybe. And if it does, Stassi told The Daily Dish podcast, it will probably happen on camera. "I think that's what my life is now," she said. "I think we've given up so many of our precious moments and these are all my best friends that [it] is what it is. We've now committed to sharing all of our moments and I think it's just as special to be able to share that with everyone now than if I were to have that privately."

Considering that Vanderpump is filmed months before it actually airs, though, either everyone on the cast had gotten very good at keeping a secret (unlikely), or Stassi and Beau aren't engaged just yet. Jax and Brittany announced their engagement long before we actually saw it unfold on TV, and Stassi and Beau haven't said anything of the like — nor has Stassi been spotted wearing a ring.

Lala Kent also told Us Weekly that she thinks Beau and Stassi will hit a different milestone before getting married. "I don't think they have any plans to get engaged and start planning a wedding, but she wants a baby and so does he, so who knows," the reality star said.

Whatever the case, Stassi and Beau are in it for the long haul; they'll tie the knot eventually, but probably not as soon as the show is suggesting.