Are Tarte's Unicorn Headbands Sold Out? This Might Not Be The Only Accessory To Come

This year is turning out to be much more magical than the last, makeup-wise. The collections are more holographic and colorful than ever, and now there are accessories to match. To celebrate their Make Believe In Yourself Collection, Tarte created unicorn headbands for their customers. Unfortunately, they sold out all in one day. Don't get too upset though, it looks like this is only the beginning of Tarte merch to come.

If you haven't already seen Tarte's Make Believe In Yourself Collection, what are you waiting for? It's filled with everything from a shimmery eyeshadow palette to unicorn-horn makeup products. To say your wildest makeup dreams have come true would be an understatement. But this collection is different for another reason — it has merch. Well, it had merch.

Tarte surprised their fans by creating unicorn horn headbands that you could purchase for $1 with any makeup buy. The accessory had pink, purple, and blue flowers on it with a horn on top and matched perfectly with the new makeup collection. Because who doesn't need a headband like that in their life? With all of that magic and color at such a low price, it's clear to see why they sold out in less than 24 hours.

While it's sad to see that such a gorgeous accessory has come and gone, don't get too upset. In the Instagram announcement, Tarte captioned their photo with "stay tuned for more magic to come." That sounds like this isn't the only merch that they have in store for fans.

Plus there are still plenty of makeup items to shop. As of Mar. 23 at 10a.m. ET, the only item that sold out from the Make Believe In Yourself Collection is the cheek shimmer. That means that you can still shop the makeup brushes, eye palette, and al the lippies. That doesn't mean you should wait to shop though.

So what are you waiting for? Go stock up on all of these gorgeous makeup items before it's too late.