You Can Still Buy A Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just when you thought Kylie Cosmetics couldn’t get any more popular, the brand’s namesake had to go and release a new, killer product. The Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters hit internet shelves on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and they’re already nearly sold out. That’s right, if you wanted to get your hands on Jenner’s insanely pigmented highlight shades, you have a chance to snag the very last one. Only a singular higlight shades remains for purchase. While the Valentine’s Day Collection may have been a one-time deal, my guess is that the Kylighters are going to be long-term members of the Kylie Cosmetics family, so if the last shade is not your favorite hue, you might have another chance.

UPDATE: All six of the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters have now sold out.

Jenner announced her Kylighters only a week ago, and fans were beside themselves on social media. While the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan may have once been known for her all-matte makeup looks, she’s definitely branching out now, and she knows just how popular a stunning glow can be. In fact, I’d argue that between collaborations like BECCA x Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerrero x Anastasia Beverly Hills, highlighting was the biggest trend from last year, and it’s set to be just as big in 2017.

With the release and subsequent sell out of five out of six Kylighters — the exception being Chocolate Cherry —, it’s clear that a gorgeous glow is as popular as ever.

As for what could be next for Kylie Cosmetics, there’s been no word. However, in an interview with Violet Grey earlier in February, it was revealed that Jenner is working on a new music video for the brand. The last time Jenner launched a music video, it was for an entirely new product — her glosses — and if I had to guess, the video signals more face products are coming.

As for now, though, all attention seems to be on the Kylighters. Twitter users were bummed about missing out on some of the sold out colors — including some of fans' favorite beauty vloggers.

Fans were also hyped about the Kylighters but bummed for some of the shades' sell outs.

Some fans have even resorted to asking for favors.

If you still want to snag the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters, though, there is still good news. Chocolate Cherry is still available. You better act fast, though, fans. This beautiful shade is sure to sell out, too.