The Wet N Wild Unicorn Brush Is Here... For Now

Unicorn beauty remains on the rise this summer and shows no signs of galloping off into the sunset. Ironically, unicorns themselves remain elusive, but the pretty products they inspire aren't. At least not yet! Wet N Wild debuted its new Unicorn Glow Limited Edition Summer Collection at Ulta on Sunday, May 21 and via its own site on Monday, May 22.

There are loose pigments and rainbow highlighters, because #rainbows and #unicorns. The fluffy, face highlighter brush has a glossy black handle, with unicorn horn twists.

All of the items in this collection are incredibly desirable and insanely affordable, since Wet N Wild is known for its bargain prices and on-trend items! The brush, which has a full, white head, is the crown jewel of the collection, to my eyes and IMO. Is the Wet N Wild Unicorn Highlighting Brush sold out yet?

You are in luck! The brush is still shoppable at the Ulta site, so get on it!

The collection drops via the WNW site today. Therefore, if you prefer to shop directly, you better bookmark the site and start shopping!

The brush is so lust-worthy, since it has a flat, dome-shaped head and is vegan and cruelty-free, as it is constructed of synthetic fibers.

I love a trendy, cheap and cute collection such as this!

The brand really left no detail to chance with the highlighting brush, which has a tapered, stiletto point and could be used as a weapon! The brush is designed to perfectly deposit product. Also, per the product description at the Ulta site, the faux hair fibers were crafted to mimic the structure of natural hairs, which means optimal product pick-up. It's a highly fucntioning tool. Plus, the super soft bristles allow for ease of blending and you end up with a mythical, all-over, and unicorn-like glow.

Courtesy of Tarte

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