Wait, Camila Cabello May Have Confirmed Ariana Grande’s Engaged With A Tweet About Cannolis

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There's a lot of mystery surrounding Ariana Grande lately, but many might be wondering what Grande and Camila Cabello's tweets mean. If you've been constantly checking the "No More Tears" singer's Twitter for updates about her rumored engagement to Pete Davidson, then you probably saw her cryptic conversation with Cabello. Not only do the tweets say a lot about Cabello and Grande's friendship, but they might also confirm that the latter is really engaged to Davidson. (Bustle reached out to Grande and Davidson’s reps about the engagement rumors, but did not receive an immediate response.)

On Monday evening, Grande posted on Twitter, "we need to talk @camila_cabello." On Tuesday, the "Havana" musician responded, "[four crying emojis] KEEP THE RING, IM TAKING THE CANNOLIS (who’s keeping the dogs tho?" Their exchange didn't stop there, as Grande replied, "u keep the kids I’LL be keeping the cannolis @camila_cabello thank you." The chat concluded, with Cabello tweeting, "see u in court ...... "

For years, the singers have referred to each other as "wife" or "wifey." What appears to be happening is that Grande was notifying Cabello she would no longer be her "wife." If the Dangerous Woman artist is actually getting married, this means someone else would be calling her "wife" or "wifey." Basically, it seems that's the reason for their tweets.

Many took their conversation as confirmation Grande and Davidson are engaged. Why else would she and the former Fifth Harmony singer be having a conversation about splitting up? If Grande planson marrying the Saturday Night Live star, then she can no longer be "married" to Cabello. Of course, the two singers weren't in an actual committed relationship, but they simply considered their friendship like a marriage. Plus, sometimes friends have nicknames for each other, including wife or wifey (yes, this includes me).

Their so-called marriage stems all the way back to December 2013, when the "Havana" singer posted a photo of herself, Grande, Normani, and Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony. "this is my wife @ArianaGrande - and our bridesmaids, stay tuned for more wedding details," Cabello captioned it.

It appears from that moment on, they've called each other "wife" and have said it proudly multiple times on Twitter.

Fans are very upset about Cabello and Grande, or as they call them "Camriana," separating. Many have taken to Twitter sharing their thoughts and reactions over the divorce news and, well, they're heartbroken.

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This is clearly very serious business.

Apparently, Grande Is A "Cheater"

Whoa. (Of course, this fan is clearly joking — it doesn't mean Grande actually cheated on anyone.)

Tori Kelly Suffers

So, Tori was their "daughter"?

All of that aside, Cabello and Grande have a strong friendship. In June 2017, Cabello opened up to ITV's This Morning (via Seventeen) about their relationship. "Ariana is one person that has always been so supportive of me since the beginning and when my first songs came out, she Facetimed me and was like 'Congratulations, I'm so proud of you.'"

Cabello even spoke to the "Into You" singer after the tragic Manchester bombing that took place outside Grande's concert in May 2017. She told This Morning, "Yeah, I spoke to her after that happened. I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine." She later discussed Grande's reaction to the bombing (she wrote a letter and announced a One Love benefit concert, which she hosted in June). "We were just talking about that concert in the car and I feel like it's horrible that it takes that [attack] sometimes for people to come together, but I'm super proud of her," Cabello said. "And I think that coming back to Manchester with everybody [means a lot]."

They've gone through happy and tough times together. Their bond is unbreakable. No matter if Grande and Davidson get married, it's probably safe to say Camriana will forever be each other's wives.