Ariana Grande Now Has ICY WHITE Hair & We Can Barely Breathe

Singer Ariana Grande has made so many drastic hair changes in the last month, it's not difficult to see her in front of the mirror, singing to herself: "I'm so into you," she croons as she reaches for a bottle of Olaplex. "I can barely breathe." And when you see her latest hair transition, you also won't be able to breathe: It really is that good.

The 24-year-old pop star's hair transformations wouldn't be that big of a shocker if it wasn't for her usual commitment to a signature look. Up until October 2017, Grande remained loyal her lustrous brown hair color — and that classic high ponytail. Her look may have been controversial for fans who wanted her to change it up, but it was also reliable. When Ari posted a photo, or licked a donut, or apologized for licking a donut, or did a show, or impressed the world with her concert to benefit the bombing victims of Manchester, the brown ponytail was basically guaranteed. Sure, there may have been a few wigs here and there, but otherwise, she stayed the course.

Something changed in October 2017: It was during that month that Grande went totally grey. What's more: She got bangs. It's the kind of hair transformation that most of us would hem and haw over before ultimately backing out, but not Ariana Grande — and she didn't stop there. On Nov. 7, Grande posted a photo to her Instagram page that shows she may have taken the look from a cool grey to a totally-and-completely white AF.

Before we get to the latest installment of #GrandeHairWatch, let's observe the transition. Most of you know the singer to have a long, chestnut brown ponytail, piled high atop her head and cascading all the way down her back:

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In October, Grande shocked fans by transforming the color of her hair completely, from that signature rich brown to a very trendy grey. It's difficult to imagine how long it took to lighten all of that hair, but when you're Ariana Grande making a Grande-size hair change, time is a flat circle. Here's the evidence:

Though the look has a purple cast, Grande included the following caption: "btw (it's grey). And it was grey, very grey indeed. Surprisingly, that wasn't enough for the pop star: She wanted to take it one step further, so she did what we all do when we want to push the boundaries of our own psyche: She opted for a bang:

This selfie shows that Grande has lost any concern she may have once had for consistency: An icy grey color situation, combined with a bang, totally change her look.

Perhaps the star mulled it over for a few weeks, unsure how to take it a step farther. Perhaps she had the next look in mind all along. Perhaps her icy grey simply faded to a strong white blonde. No one yet knows for sure, but what is 100 percent confirmed by all sources (humans with eyes) is that Ariana Grande looks awesome:

If you thought you were the only one waiting with baited breath for an Ari-Hair-180, think again.

"Since Grande debuted her previous hair switches on Instagram," Stylecaster writes, "We’ve been on the look-out. And yesterday was the day she took to the ‘gram to post a Snapchat photo of her and friend Alexa Luria with the caption “♡ gwagp.” While we can’t tell you what “gwagp” means, we can confirm that this might be Grande’s best look yet."

The platinum blonde is a strong, wise choice for Grande — the kind of bold hair move that makes it all the more exciting to imagine what she'll do next.