Ariana Grande Sings A Spice Girls Song & It Will Speak To Your '90s Girl Soul

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gather around, fellow '90s pop fans and fellow Arianators, because the internet has quite the present for us. Ponytailed powerhouse Ariana Grande sang Spice Girls classic “Say You’ll Be There” in front of a bathroom mirror, recorded the moment, and uploaded the video onto Instagram for all of us to see. In the black-and-white clip, the "Break Free" singer belts out the chorus to the second single off of Spice, her voice taking flight like one of those shiny boomerangs from the music video. And yes, she sounds incredible.

As Ari dances along with her a cappella rendition, the cell phone sways with her, and the clip starts to sort of feel like wearing a VR headset. Or like watching a found footage movie. But you know, instead of walking around Hogwarts or running away from some extraterrestrial monster, you get to spend tens of seconds feeling like you’re Grande singing into a mirror. It’s an engrossing, immersive experience.

There’s only one slight issue with this near-perfect Insta video, and no, it’s not the lyrics goof. (Hey, who among us hasn't forgotten the words to a song?) The issue is that the video isn’t long enough. If Grande were to record and release a full-length cover of “Say You’ll Be There," I'd promise you I'll be there.

At the risk of getting way too carried away, here’s another idea: What if a bunch of pop artists got together and put out a Spice Girls tribute record? And what if this hypothetical Spice Girls tribute record featured studio versions of Spice Girls covers that other musicians have performed in the past? Grande could pair up with MØ for a “Say You’ll Be There” duet. Jess Glynne could turn in an InStyle interview moment into a full cover of “Stop.” Adele could do “Spice Up Your Life” like she did at that concert in 2016. Fifth Harmony could record their rendition of “Wannabe.” Oh, and Charli XCX and Halsey could team up for “Wannabe” again, too.