An Ariana Grande 'Thank U, Next' Beauty Collection Is Coming & Here Are The Products To Expect

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande might be joining the beauty industry soon, so start clearing your shelves in preparation. Ariana Grande is making “Thank U, Next" beauty products, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. WWD reported that the patent office received paperwork on April 2 from the artist, where Grande filed for a trademark under the title “Ariana Grande Thank U, Next."

The trademark is filed for a handful of different beauty and skin care products, which might mean that Grande is gearing up to release a "Thank U, Next" beauty collection. The trademark includes items like fragrances, body lotions, bath gels, body scrubs, and mists.

Thank U, Next is Grande's fifth studio album, which was released just after her very public breakup with fiancé Pete Davidson. The album dropped on Feb. 8, and the title track was released on Nov. 3. Grande has had wild success with her single since its release, where "Thank U, Next" became Grande's first number-one single on the US Billboard Hot 100. The track also broke the record for the most plays in a single day by a female artist on Spotify.

Seeing how fans can't get enough of the album or the song, it makes sense that Grande would want to tap into that buzz and release beauty merch in honor of it. If so, this won't exactly be Grande's first step into the beauty world.

The artist has created six perfumes over the years, where the most recent ones were Sweet Like Candy (limited edition,) Moonlight, and Cloud. Both Sweet Like Candy and Moonlight came out in 2017, whereas Cloud dropped in 2018. The top notes of the Cloud scent are bergamont, pear and lavender, with middle notes of coconut and whipped cream. The bottle came in the shape of a cloud, which is also one of Grande's most well known tattoos.

In addition to Grande's line of perfumes, she also was the inspiration behind a Lush collection. In November, Lush launched a bath bomb inspired by Grande's “God Is A Woman" music video. In one of the scenes, Grande is in a pool of pink, blue, and purple cosmic water, and Lush created a bath bomb to mimic that same experience. The bath bomb featured notes of sensual oudh and rich sandalwood, and created a purple marble-like bath

Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

Seeing the wild success of the goddess-inspired bath bomb, Lush went on to create a whole Goddess collection, which included fragrances, wash cards, and gold glittering soaps. While the collection was only inspired by Grande and wasn't in collaboration with her, Grande fans rushed to buy the items. So it's no surprise that Grande might be tinkering with the idea of creating official beauty merchandise herself.

Now the only question is how would the beauty collection look like. Judging by the "Thank U, Next" music video, it very well might be '90s themed. In the music video, Grande acts out a series of '90s and early 2000s rom-coms, including Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30. So she could very well make her beauty collection reflect that.

Right now the beauty line is just speculation, but fans will definitely be excited to see what Grande comes up with.