Ariana Grande Actually Dropped "7 Rings" Hints MONTHS Ago & You Probably Missed It

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande loves teasing her new music on Instagram, and she's not exactly secret about her song lyrics ahead of new releases. In fact, Grande teased the "7 Rings" lyrics in October with an Instagram caption that fans might not have thought much of at the time.

The singer shared a black-and-white photo of herself during a performance, adding the caption, "u like .... my hair? gee thanks... jus bought it." It looks like this song has been in the works for quite some time, even if fans were oblivious back then. They definitely know now, though — the comments on Grande's post are flooded with the engagement ring emoji to symbolize the rings in question.

It's worth pointing out that Grande shared the post on Oct. 26, 2018, too. That's not long after she and Pete Davidson called off their engagement earlier that month. So if she was already working on "7 Rings," it was pretty soon after the breakup. (Of course, she could also have just liked the phrase about hair, and decided to add it into the song later.)

And while the Saturday Night Live actor isn't explicitly named in the song, there are definitely some references to Davidson in "7 Rings." For starters, the song is apparently inspired by a trip Grande and her friends took to Tiffany & Co. to buy diamond rings of their own, after the breakup. "We had too much champagne. i bought us all rings," Grande tweeted in December. "It was very insane and funny."

Grande's Instagram post from October isn't the only time she teased "7 Rings" ahead of time, either. The opening notes of "7 Rings" are in the "thank u, next" video intro. Listen closely to the background behind the people speaking to the camera, and you'll hear "7 Rings."

Aside from the notes themselves, there was also a "7 Rings" license plate in the "thank u, next" video, tipping fans off to the title of Grande's next track. She also teased "Imagine" with a brief image of the word in the background of a Bring It On-inspired scene — clearly, Grande loves hiding clues in plain sight for her fans.

Plus, back when Grande teased the "7 Rings" title last month, she also shared some other details about the inspiration behind the track. She revealed who her friends are that make up the group of seven. And it turns out, Grande's mom and grandma have the Tiffany rings, too. But since they got them after the original shopping trip, there are still seven in the song, not nine.

Dedicated Grande fans had some idea of what to expect from "7 Rings," based on all of the clues the singer dropped before the video's release. Grande loves interacting with fans on Twitter, so it's not a surprise that she left some hidden info about the song in her Instagram posts and the "thank u, next" video. And even aside from the Easter eggs, Grande fans seem to agree that "7 Rings" is a bop — watching the video is the perfect way to start the weekend.