Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Isn't About Pete Davidson, But He Still Gets A Shout-Out

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande might not be rocking her engagement ring to Pete Davidson anymore, but her song "7 Rings" makes it crystal clear (or, diamond clear?) that she's more than fine with that. Yet, there are a few references to Pete Davidson in "7 Rings." As Grande explained on Twitter and in her Woman of the Year Billboard interview, the song is about a day in fall 2018 when she went to Tiffany & Co. with her friends and bought each of them a diamond ring. Since reports that Grande and Davidson called off their engagement surfaced on Oct. 14, it's not hard to make the connection to these events. And while the "7 Rings" music video makes it seem that Davidson couldn't be further from her mind, her ex still has a presence in the song.

A song about diamond rings certainly could be all about fiancés and marriage, but "7 Rings" isn't actually about Davidson. Instead, it's an ode to Grande's friends, her independence, and her absurd amount of wealth. But that doesn't mean Davidson isn't referenced at all. After all, their breakup has been the catalyst for her Thank U, Next album. So while Grande reportedly gave her engagement ring back to Davidson in October, "7 Rings" highlights how she doesn't need him to rock a diamond — especially when she has her friends by her side helping her to live a fabulous single life.

As you jam to "7 Rings," you might think about the song and video's extravagance. But you'll also think about Grande and Davidson's whirlwind engagement, thanks to these references.

"Been Through Some Bad Sh*t"

Grande sings that she "should be a sad b*tch" after everything she has gone through. In May 2017, there was a terrorist attack at Grande's concert in Manchester, England, that killed 22 people and injured hundreds of others. Then, 16 months later, her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died from an accidental drug overdose. A month later, she split from Davidson. So yeah, she has had it rough, but "7 Rings" proves these sad moments won't define her.

"Who Woulda Thought It'd Turn Me To A Savage?"

With "Thank U, Next," "7 Rings," and some (now deleted) comments on her social media, Grande has been a bit savage when it comes to her ex. Still, while she may refer Davidson in her music, she doesn't want to hurt him. Grande asked her fans to "please be gentler with others" after Davidson admitted his mental health was suffering due to the harassment he was receiving from their breakup.

"Rather Be Tied Up With Cuffs & Not Strings"

Grande seems to be saying there were "strings" to her relationship with Davidson, which is never a healthy thing.

"Wearing A Ring, But Ain't Gon' Be No "Mrs."

The whole point of the song is that she can afford her own diamond rings without the obligation of getting married. Get it, Ari.

"Both His & Hers"

Grande isn't referring to monogrammed his and her towels in this lyric — she's talking about the crib in the closet that she has for her pig, Piggy Smallz. Piggy was once Grande and Davidson's pet, but the singer evidently got custody after the split. Grande shared a photo of the crib on Instagram on Oct. 9 and wrote, "Once again, that is for my pig i still do not have a secret child."

"Ain't Got Enough Money To Pay Me Respect"

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Grande has $50 million while Davidson has $2 million. While $2 million is nothing to scoff at, you could theorize that this line is referring to how she is reportedly worth $48 million more than her ex.

The Tiny House

This isn't a lyric, but it's probably not a coincidence that Grande breaks through a tiny house in the "7 Rings" music video. It most likely symbolizes the home she and Davidson once had together that's now broken.

Again, while the point of "7 Rings" isn't Davidson, the song most likely wouldn't even exist if Grande hadn't gone through this breakup. So, in the way, you have Davidson to thank for Grande lavishing us with new music.