Ariana Grande Just Dropped A Hint About Her Relationship Status In This BTS Video

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She may be breaking hearts 'round the globe, but apparently her DMs leave much to be desired. In Ariana Grande's "Break Up With Your Girlfriend" behind the scenes video, the singer claims her Instagram DMs are not getting as much action from potential suitors as people would think. It's a tough one for fans to actually believe, but perhaps with 145 million followers it's hard keeping up.

The video, released on Tuesday, induces major FOMO for anyone who watches. The behind the scenes look proves that being part of the "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" shoot was just as fun (if not more) as it was to watch the video. For example, it shows Riverdale actor Charles Melton, who plays Grande's love interest, caught sneakily sniffing her notoriously long ponytail when off camera. Suspicious, she turns around and asks, "What are you doing?" As he shies away, coyly responding, "Nothing," she asks, "Were you just sniffing?" She then takes a whiff herself and says, "That's how I get the fellas. Just kidding. Ain't nobody in my DM."

With seemingly very little excitement in her DMs and admitting to fantasizing about a taken man, perhaps global superstar Ariana Grande is more relatable than ever.

After premiering on Feb. 7, the "BUWYGIB" video has already racked in over 52 millions views and nearly 200,000 comments. The video dropped the day before Grande's highly-anticipated "Thank U, Next" album was released and is the third single from it following "Thank U, Next" and "7 Rings." "BUWYGIB" has not only captivated fans through its super sexy feel, but its incredibly relatable theme has created an onslaught of people actually texting, "Breakup with your girlfriend, I'm bored" to others. (Obviously, the internet has documentation.)

The behind the scenes video gives fans an interesting, revealing look at the shoot and its concept. One element, of course, is the cast and crew members dancing around between takes and having the time of their lives at a swaggy, LA mansion pool party. Another, however, is a look at the creative side of the video, including input from director Hannah Lux Davis and the actors. Davis explains the love-triangle theme of the video (between Grande, Melton, and Ariel Yasmine) and how Grande envisions herself in the mix.

Yasmine's character is a spitting image of Grande, which Davis explains was a purposeful decision to create an "element of narcissism that [they're] playing with." The behind the scenes video further reveals takes of the scene in which Grande meets the couple for the first time, and without music, shows the dialogue the actors had. Davis directs Grande to "give a little nervous laugh" and "look up and down" while Grande says things like, "Hey, girl" and "Do you like [my outfit]?" to Yasmine's character.

At one point, Melton gives his take on the playful, up-for-interpretation music video. "I think [Grande] sees herself in this relationship, she wants to be the girlfriend. Is she the girlfriend? Is she imagining being the girlfriend?" he says. "It's like this weird double entendre it's very interesting and very unique." Yep, almost as interesting as Grande's DM situation. (Or lack thereof.)