This Ariana Grande Song From Her New Album Is Definitely NOT About Pete Davidson

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Ariana Grande released the track list for her forthcoming album Thank U, Next on Instagram and it quickly sent fans into a frenzy for many reasons. While some of the previous releases from the 25-year-old singer's next release such as "Thank U, Next," "Imagine," and "7 Rings" have been rooted in details about her personal life, a recent comment from her friend and Victoria Monét revealed that Grande's song "NASA" is definitely not about Pete Davidson. Monét, who frequently collaborates with Grande as a songwriter, took to Twitter to respond to fan theories surrounding the song. Retweeting an article from E! News, which attempted to break down Grande's track listing, Monét wrote,

"Yo I promise we did not write a whole song about this mans shirt [crying, laughing emoji] promise. it’s just a universally common word."

E!'s article on the titles from Thank U, Next pointed out fan speculation that "NASA" was about Grande's ex-fiancé Pete Davidson because he wore a NASA shirt when they made their debut as a couple at 2018 MTV VMAs this past summer. Although Monét's comments totally dispel the theory, the notion of the song being about her ex is really not that far-fetched given the fact that Grande recently mentioned Davidson's name (as well the names of few other exes) on "Thank U, Next." And there are already theories about what exes might be alluded to on other songs on the album.

"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," another yet-to-be released track from Grande's fifth studio album, also caused a stir on social media after a number of fans began to speculate that the track might be about Grande’s ex Big Sean, according to Hello Giggles. Although the two haven't been linked since 2015, a scene from Grande's "Thank U, Next" video offered clues about Grande's possible feelings for the "Bounce Back" MC. The "Thank U, Next" video notably featured the Dangerous Woman entertainer going through her “Burn Book” of exes where there was heart around Big Sean's name, along with the comments “so cute, so sweet” and “could still get it.”

Meanwhile, the release of last month's "Imagine" drew similar attention with many fans of the singer wondering if it was about ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died of a reported overdose this past September. Internet sleuths were quick to point out lyrics that seemed to be about Grande's relationship with the rapper and connected the song's title to the tattoo Miller had inked on the inside of his upper arm.

As the speculation surrounding "NASA" and its origins continues to linger, it seems that fans will have to continue to draw their own conclusions. When a Twitter fan asked the former Nickelodeon star if "NASA" is "actually about space," Grande offered up a coy response, simply replying, "kind of yeah!"

Grande's new album Thank U, Next, which will arrive less than six months after the release of Sweetner, definitely has the entire internet abuzz given the cryptic titles revealed in its listing. In addition to "NASA," "Imagine," "Thank U, Next," and "7 Rings," Grande's Instagram post revealed that it will also feature song titled "Bloodline," "Fake Smile," "Bad Idea," "Ghostin," and "In My Head."

Although fans continue to develop their own theories about Grande's song "NASA," it seems that they may not get all the answers they are looking for until the album's release on Feb. 8.