3 Aries Season Candle Rituals To Help You Channel Its Bold Energy

smudge stick with crystals candles and feathers on red sacred space

Brace yourselves, everyone, because the sun is now in the fiery, trailblazing, leadership-loving first sign of the zodiac: Aries. Aries season 2020 officially began on March 19, and we can bet it'll bring us the energy, fire, and excitement we need to dive into the sun's newest home base in style. It can be super helpful to do an Aries season ritual to honor the change in the season and to make the most of our time at home during social distancing.

Aries season is all about self-empowerment, leadership, and boldness. Ruled by passionate planet Mars, Aries' energy embodies our most animalistic instincts — think anger, raw sexuality, and wild passion. Embracing these qualities through ritual work is a powerful way to align with the sun's current fiery placement and kick off a brand new season. Plus, the spring equinox took place on the same day that Aries season began, so it's helpful to summon that extra energy when it comes to spring cleaning, starting new projects, and coming out of your winter shell.

Here are three simple rituals for Aries season to try at home to help you harness the strong-willed, passionate, and energy-bursting vibes that are here for the taking.

1. Motivation & Power Candle Burning Ritual


There is no more appropriate way to celebrate cardinal fire sign Aries than with a candle ritual focused on your personal power. When I think of Aries, I think of energy, motivation, and drive. This sign's energy does not mess around! Ruled by Mars, red is Aries' power color — and as a fire sign, it's red-hot. Use this power-enhancing candle ritual, adapted from Aunty Flo, to give yourself the motivation you need to get stuff done this season.

What you'll need: 2 red 7-day burning candles in glass jars; a fire-safe plate; pictures, quotes, talismans, vision boards, or other objects that represent personal power and success to you; laurel, cinnamon, or rosemary essential oil (optional).

What to do: Begin your ritual by preparing your altar space. You may create a new altar or use one you've already made, but you'll want to place your red candle in the center, and surround it with the objects and talismans that represent personal power, strength of will, and motivation to you. Perhaps these are inspiring quotes written on paper, photos or images that inspire confidence, crystals that feel energizing, or a vision board you've made that's focused around success. Take extra care to place your candle in such a way that it can safely burn for seven days straight, if possible. Keep flammable objects away, and place it on a fire-safe dish or in a shallow container filled with water. (Note: If you do not have a safe way to keep your candle lit, you may put out and re-light your candles as many times as needed, but you'll need to repeat your ceremonial affirmations each time you do. You may also use smaller candles to cut down the burning time, if necessary.)

When ready, light your red candle, and focus on the energy and power of your sacred objects. As instructed by Aunty Flo, say the following aloud after lighting your candle: "I light this candle to bring motivation, success, and power into my life. I will create my reality without trouble or strife." You should also think about your specific intentions for Aries season regarding what you'd like to accomplish personally, and feel free to state these intentions aloud in the presence of your candle.

Over the next seven days, visit your candle daily to repeat your affirmations and acknowledge the flame working its energy in your favor. Diffuse or burn either laurel, rosemary, or cinnamon essential oil as an an energizing daily offering as you visit your working candle, if using.

Once this candle has finished burning, it's time for the second installment of this ritual, which, as Aunty Flo explained on its site, is focused on manifestation and power. "You can focus on gaining control of your life, seeing yourself strong and powerful, and imagine being an unstoppable force." Replace the first red candle with the second one. As you light this one, say the following aloud, again as instructed by Aunty Flo: "I command respect and power. I am worthy of [your intention here]. My will is strong and I am an unmovable force."

As with the first candle, visit this candle daily and repeat the same affirmation, and use the essential oils of your choice as an offering. Once the ritual is complete, remove the finished candle and rearrange the object on your altar to remind you of the goals that are in the works through the remainder of the season.

2. Anger Release Ritual

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and sex and anger and all that hyper-passionate, primal, animalistic stuff. Aries tend to have no problem letting loose when it comes to expressing more primal emotions, like anger, so a release ritual is perfect for this season. "Anger, in fact, is a touchstone emotion for Aries. Yet for women especially, it’s still an emotion that we are taught to disown," explained AstroStyle. "The fear of anger leads to the suppression of anger — but that energy has to go somewhere!" Use this ultra-simple ritual, inspired by this Primal Scream Ritual on AstroStyle, to transform your anger into power.

What you'll need: Palo santo or sage for smudging; a drum, bell, or singing bowl (optional).

What to do: Firstly, you'll need to select a space where you feel comfortable screaming loudly, freely, and primally. Avoid places where you'll feel anxiety about scaring anyone, being self-conscious, or holding back your energy in any way. If needed, you can muffle your yell into a pillow so as to block the noise — but it's more effective if you can really let it loose!

Begin the ritual by cleansing your space energetically using your smudge stick of choice. Once your space is prepared, it's time to start the physical aspect. "Stand with fists clenched and hold them shut for 10 seconds, inhaling and exhaling deeply," instructs AstroStyle. Now, go for it: Breathe in deeply, then release your deepest, loudest, most primal scream. Feel your anger, frustration, resentment, and rage exiting your body and energetic field as you do. "Repeat until you feel a release," notes AstroStyle. "We know this can be super awkward at first, so it could take a few tries before you get the real rage out of your system." Don't hold back, and yell until you feel it.

Once you feel the release is complete, close your eyes and stand in the stillness of the silence, which should be amplified after the booming sound of your scream. Imagine the feelings that have been released being transformed by the surrounding energy and being healed. If you are using a sound healing tool (such as a drum, bell, or singing bowl), you may use it now. Allow the sound to penetrate the silence and help to transmute and heal the energy around you.

Close the ritual by using a smudge stick to cleanse your space again. You may feel it's right to also shower after the ritual in order symbolically cleanse yourself of the heavy emotions you released.

3. Obsidian Crystal Root Chakra Ritual

Holly Mazour/Shutterstock

The root chakra is most closely associated with Aries and the color red, so focusing energy on strengthening it is the perfect way to get in touch with your instincts and basic needs. The following ritual, which is adapted from the lovely Aries full moon meditation created by The Hoodwitch, uses an obsidian crystal to help you focus on your root chakra.

What you'll need: Obsidian crystal; a red or white candle (optional).

What to do: Since you'll be using your obsidian crystal as a tool in this meditation, it's important to cleanse it before use, so be sure to use one of these crystal cleansing methods. You should also cleanse your magical workspace using whatever methods feel right to you.

If you'd like to light a candle to burn through the meditation to represent Aries' fire sign energy, you may do so as you begin the ritual. Start by standing, planting both feet firmly on the ground. Aries is all about power and leadership, so a standing position for this meditation is more effective, if possible. It's also helpful to stand barefoot, as this helps with grounding your energy. Allow yourself to root into this position. "While sitting in silence welcome the energy of Aries and it's rulers Mars and Mercury," advises The Hoodwitch. "Hold the intention of transmuting the Warrior energy within to the higher plane of mind."

Close your eyes and visualize a fiery, hot, bright white light of power and protection surrounding your entire being. Envision this light entering into you as you inhale, filling you with its power. As you exhale, imagine darkness, anger, and rage leaving your body and being transmuted by the white light. Repeat until you feel full of this fiery energy.

Now, with your left hand, pick up your obsidian stone and look deeply into its reflective, dark surface. Focus your intentions into the stone, and imagine it absorbing the energy of your highest vibrations. As instructed by The Hoodwitch, repeat the following chant three times as you gaze into your crystal: "Attune, Balance, Integrate, Ground." Now, gently touch the crystal with your right hand, allowing yourself to feel its delicate energy, and say aloud: "Attune to the depths of obsidian. Attune to the depths of the black ray."

Now it's time to meditate with the obsidian and see what energies it can unearth for you in alignment with Aries season. Begin by closing your eyes and focusing energy on your root chakra, which is located near your tailbone. "Visually fix the black color of obsidian at your base chakra, see your base chakra as a liquid pool of black obsidian, pulsating with the black light vibration that grounds you through your base chakra to the very consciousness of Earthly existence," shares The Hoodwitch. "Allow your obsidian to assist you to clearly see the reality of your thought patterns as to how it pertains to your survival on Earth." Imagine the energy of the crystal rising up your back, into your crown chakra, and back down into the depth of your root chakra. Focus on this energy for ten minutes.

Once your meditation is complete, countdown from ten, inhale and exhale several times slowly, and open your eyes. At this point, you may remain in a quiet state until ready to move, and if using a candle, allow it to burn down safely. You may also write down any feelings, thoughts, or revelations had during the ritual.