Ashley I. & Jared's Wedding Will Have Roses For A Reason That's Bigger Than 'The Bachelor'

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Since they met (and later got engaged) on Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's relationship has become a major part of pop culture. This is pretty amazing, considering how much the couple fans out over pop culture themselves. In fact, Ashley I. and Jared's wedding theme will pay tribute to The Bachelor and one of their all-time favorite movies.

In an Us Weekly interview published on April 1, Ashley teased, "There will be roses here and there." Of course, there are roses. How could they not pay homage to those Bachelor rose ceremonies in some way? Ashley also shared, "I think there’s going to be one prominent rose that we have an idea for." Could it be one final rose ceremony before they tie the knot? That's definitely something that fans would appreciate.

However, roses aren't solely significant to the couple because of the Bachelor franchise. Their wedding ceremony will also be romantic movie-themed with Ashley revealing, "It’s going to be a play on another famous Rose." Jared chimed in with, "I’m sure you can think of another famous Rose. A single Rose that we’re going to play off of." They're clearly alluding to Kate Winslet's character in Titanic.

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The couple actually has a long history with the movie Titanic. Even though it didn't make the show, Ashley tried to win Jared over during Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 by reciting lines from Titanic. It didn't quite work in that moment, but they did eventually get engaged when they appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 in 2018.

Ashley and Jared discussed her impromptu Titanic performance during a June 2017 during a joint interview on the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi podcast. Interestingly enough, they were still "just friends" at this point, even though Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi did what she could to be a matchmaker during the episode.

Jared recalled, "With no lead-up, no nothing, you just all of a sudden started going into a monologue that Kate Winslet gives in Titanic." Maybe she will incorporate these words into her wedding vows?

Later, Jared admitted, "For the first 30 seconds, I was like 'What the f*ck is going on right now?' And then, I realized that she was quoting Titanic and that was her way to win me over."

Ashley explained, "If you know Jared, it was a viable way." She went on to explain, "Jared is a quoter. He quotes movies all day long." Jared joked, "I don't have an original thought." He told Ashley, "Listen, it was intriguing. I'm not saying it wasn't. I just didn't know what the hell was going on." And then they recreated that recreation during the podcast taping.

Ashley explained to Olivia, "Everything reminds him of a certain scene from a movie," and now they are going to apply their love of Titanic to their own wedding.

After they tie the knot, will references to their wedding remind the couple of Titanic? Or will Titanic references make them think of their own wedding? That's a follow-up question for when they become Mr. and Mrs. Haibon.