Ashley I. Shared Some Words Of Wisdom For "Perpetually Single" People Everywhere

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After some tears-filled years in the supposed "friend zone," Ashley Iaconetti is happily engaged to Jared Haibon. The two had been through the ringer on Bachelor in Paradise and in real life. Now Ashley I. has advice for single people who may be nervous that they’ll never find a match.

If anyone can serve as inspiration for people that think they are eternally single, it is Ashley I. In a June 21 interview with E! News, Ashley reassured her single fans, "The wait will be worth it!" That's some simple advice, but that's easier said than done. Just imagine how she felt waiting it out in such a public manner on several seasons of reality TV.

The two-time Bachelor in Paradise alum admitted,

"It is the sweetest, coolest thing to hear people say that we inspire and give them hope for the love in the future. A lot of the girls who watch me and us on this journey have always been in my position... Perpetually single, the guy they want never wants them back."

After years of people publicly doubting her, Ashley I. is in a great place both professionally and romantically. She is really killing it and all she needed was some patience to wait it out until Jared came to his senses.

Ashley I. declared to E! News, “I think almost 70 percent of couples do start out as friends… It took three years to get to this very wonderful, happy place." Hopefully this means that there will only be tears of joy for now on, for the most famous crier in the Bachelor franchise.

In that same interview, Ashley I.’s future husband Jared shared, "As of right now, we just got engaged, we're fiancées, we're madly in love and enjoying life."

Oh, how far they’ve come. Pretty much every fan of the Bachelor franchise is more than familiar with their epic saga, but in case anyone needs a refresher, this is how Ashley I. and Jared got to this point. They first met on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise back in Summer 2015. She was immediately smitten, but Jared just wasn’t on the same page. They both returned to the Mexican resort for Season 3 of BIP “as friends”, but that did not go over well. In short, it looked like the self-proclaimed “Kardashian wannabe” would be single forever while pining for Jared.

It seemed like she finally got her reality TV love story when she “won” Bachelor Winter Games and starting dating Kevin Wendt. It was great for Ashley’s friends, family, and followers to see her get the guy, but the two just weren’t the perfect match.

Their short-lived relationship did serve a very important purpose though. It pushed Jared to realize that he was actually in love with Ashley, and he couldn’t bear the thought of her being with someone else. When the couple went public with their relationship in May 2018, they shared a nearly 45-minute video for Ashley’s web series called The Story of Us, detailing their history.

During the video, Jared admitted, “I remember I heard rumors that she might have met somebody, and I was sad." He also said, "Sometimes I need a kick in the ass. That was a big kick in the ass.” Clearly.

Jared poured his heart out to Ashley, the two started dating and now they are engaged to get married. Ashley was right all along. So of course, there are plenty of singles who relate to their story — specifically Ashley’s point of view — and couldn’t help tweeting about it.

It's tough attempting to date in 2018. If Ashley I. and Jared's love story has proved anything, is that good things come to those who wait. There's nothing wrong with remaining single, taking the time to make sure that a relationship is worth it, and then finally going official. Just ask Jared and the soon-to-be Ashley H.