Here's The Answer To The 'Girls' Question You Didn't Ask

The last great Girls mystery has been solved. OK, so it's not so much a mystery as it is a lingering question people who love baby names might be pondering after the finale. According to TVLine, Hannah's son Grover has a middle name. And it's a very Hannah Horvath middle name, guys. Are you ready for this? Drum roll, please

Grover's full name is Grover Theo Horvath. TVLine reached out to Lena Dunham for an answer about whether or not Hannah's son had a middle name, and while she confirmed the little guy's second name is Theo, she didn't share why she chose the name. Baby Grover's first name is a nod to his father Paul-Louis, who thought the cute moniker would make a great name for a child. Since the baby's middle name wasn't revealed onscreen, Dunham's reasoning behind "Theo" is more mysterious.

It's not related to any past Girls character, but it could be tied to Dunham and Hannah's love of children's literature. The actor has a tattoo of both Eloise and an unnamed storybook illustration. At least one beloved children's author was given the name Theo, even though he was known by another name. I'm talking about Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theo Geisel. Having Hannah name her son after Dr. Seuss makes sense given the character, like her portrayer, is a writer.

Of course, there are other famous Theos out there as well. There's author Theodore Dreiser, former President Theodore Roosevelt (this one seems like an unlikely inspiration for Hannah), and Vincent van Gogh's brother. Then there's the fictional Theo Theodorakis from The Westing Game, a book Hannah and Dunham likely both read growing up.

The actual meaning behind Theo could even be a clever nod to Dunham. Theo is derived from the Greek word "Theos," which means God. As the creator of the series, Dunham is the God of the Girls universe.

Seriously though, it seems likely the name is either a favorite of Dunham's or has some special meaning to the star. It's amazing that she had the answer on demand, but not exactly surprising because she is a brilliant writer who puts thought into every question involving her work, after all. No matter what the inspiration behind it was, I think everyone can agree Grover Theo Horvath is such a wonderfully Brooklyn name, only Hannah could have come up with it.