'Bachelor' Fans Are Literally Sending Becca Money For Drinks After Her Breakup With Arie

by Parry Ernsberger

Following the dumpster fire that was this season's conclusion of The Bachelor, many fans of the show are letting their rage out online. Some fans, however, have rallied behind the biggest victim of the whole thing in an unexpected way. Bachelor fans are Venmo-ing Becca drink money to help her get through this hard time.

Up until the Mar. 5 episode, this season of The Bachelor was widely seen as a snooze. Arie was consistently vanilla with his repeated use of phrases like, "I love that" and "that's amazing," and fan-favorites — like Tia, Kendall, and Bekah — made the season more exciting, but it still wasn't enough. Bachelor Nation finally got some drama in the finale, though, as Arie proposed to Becca Kufrin, broke off their engagement, and said he was going to try to give things a go with Lauren Burnham instead.

Naturally, fans were pissed because, seriously — who does that? But somewhere in the world, someone had a really great idea: instead of just raging into the void, let's give Becca what she really needs right now — plenty of money to drown her sorrows with drinks, courtesy of Bachelor Nation.

On Mar. 6, a Los Angeles-based reporter named McKenna Keil discovered that fans had found Becca on Venmo, and her feed was being flooded with funds from strangers who wanted to buy her a drink following the finale. The internet can truly be a wild and wonderful place sometimes.

After doing some investigative scrolling, it seems as if the crowd-funded effort may have started with a user named Harley, who sent Becca an undisclosed amount of money via Venmo with the message, "Listen I'm just trying to pull through for you in the realest way. It can only cover your guac at chipotle but it's the principle of the matter. Love you mean it."

Shortly thereafter, her gesture began to go viral. Countless fans followed her lead, sending funds (the exact amounts are all undisclosed as per Becca's apparent privacy settings) to the finalist via Venmo with all kinds of encouraging captions.

"TREAT YO SELF #Boybye" wrote one user. "Contributing to your wine fund. Way to handle tonight like a queen. Rooting for you, girl!!" wrote another. "Men supporting women who have dated sh*tty men," wrote a male fan. "I might be a poor college student, but I can recognize when a sis needs a drink. Treat yo self with the rest of my Venmo money honey!!" read yet another.

The whole feed is pretty amazing to read, honestly. Bachelor Nation has come out in full force for Becca, and it's clear that they feel her pain. While few of us have had our failed relationships play out on national TV, most people can sympathize with what it feels like to get your heart broken. Everyone has their own way of getting over that kind of grief, but being able to lean on friends — and a glass of wine — can certainly help the healing process.

Becca no doubt has plenty of real-life friends to lean on, but she probably feels pretty great knowing that she's got this huge group of strangers/fans for support now, too. The reporter posted a follow-up tweet with more screenshots of fans' comments via the Bachelor star's Venmo and said, "More! This is probably the best thing to come out of tonight. #GirlPower #TheBachelor." She's right about that.

It'll be interesting to see what goes down when Becca confronts Arie about the breakup Tuesday night's second part of the finale, but no matter how dramatic things get between the two, at least Becca can rest easy knowing that she's got plenty of money from fans to treat herself to a drink afterward.