Here's How Becca Reacted To Watching Her Shocking 'Bachelor' Breakup


In the course of one Bachelor episode, Becca experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in her romantic life — and cameras caught it all. Arie ended things with her to try again with Lauren and Becca watched her break up on The Bachelor in front of a live audience with Chris Harrison. Filming her breakup seemed like enough emotional torture, but The Bachelor also subjected her to watching it play out.

Yet, Becca continued to show how classy she is as she stayed pretty collected throughout her post-Bachelor interview with Harrison. And her time with Arie isn't through since she'll confront him live on TV during Tuesday's episode. So after that breakup, Becca is finally going to have her say — and on national television.

"It's brutal," Becca said about watching the video of her breakup with Arie. "When it all happened I feel like I kind of blacked out and so much was going through my mind that I couldn't take it all in or really focus on even what I wanted to say and so to watch that back now ... Of course, I had feelings for him and I loved him, so it's a hard heartbreak."

She also confirmed how she had been ready to marry Arie. "I was ready to do it all," she said, which is truly heartbreaking considering how she made Arie a book that contained a page for their future children. Becca said she cried "for probably four days straight" and said, "I grieved the loss of that relationship and the future that I thought we were gonna have." She continued, "I am angry at times. I feel betrayed a lot of the time just cause I feel like I was lied to for so long."

Since the breakup, she hasn't seen or heard from Arie, which is particularly interesting when you consider how he wouldn't leave her alone (despite her numerous requests) during the actual breakup. And when Harrison asked if she would want to see Arie, she responded, "Oh, I have a ton of questions." She also called his character into question when she said, "But at this point, it's like, anything I ask him, will we get a true answer?"

Viewers will get to be the judge of Arie's response to Becca though since Harrison revealed that Arie, Becca, and Lauren will all be brought on live for the March 6 episode. And no matter how Arie responds, fans are certainly here for whatever Becca has to say.

Looking beyond how messed up it was that Arie's breakup was filmed, it also left a lot to be desired. "The reality of it is that … being with you, although it's been everything that I wanted, I still think about [Lauren]. And I think you sense that," he said.

Arie never really apologized for changing his mind and then pressed Becca to respond when she didn't want to. But while she didn't have much to say during the actual breakup, she now has had time to collect her thoughts and you can expect some fireworks Becca style tomorrow when she gets to face Arie. How she'll react to Lauren is unknown, but it seems her main beef is rightfully with her ex-fiancé.

Based on the positive reaction from the crowd during Becca's appearance on the Monday night episode, you can expect the live audience to be on her side during her encounter with Arie. While Becca will certainly have the crowd and righteous indignation on her side, she should still be composed, if her previous behavior is any indication. That will be for the best since Becca has the higher ground and should want to keep it. So Becca — and Bachelor fans — should get some additional insight into Arie's behavior during the Tuesday episode. And maybe to give Becca the ending she deserves, Harrison will announce that Becca is going to be the next Bachelorette — cause fans certainly want to see her get another chance at love now more than ever.