This 'Bad Moms Christmas' Star Is Dreading Explaining This Sex Reference To Her Family

by Taylor Ferber
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The holidays are getting particularly dirty this year thanks to Bad Moms Christmas bringing out the raunchiness in everyone. Actor Cheryl Hines, who plays Kiki's (Kristen Bell) helicopter mom in the second installment of the comedy (out Nov. 1), had the pleasure of attending the LA premiere of the film (with lots of f-bombs and sex talk) with her mom and her teen daughter. Nothing like getting in the holiday spirit, right? According to the actor, awkwardness would probably reach its peak that night, especially due to specific sexual slang in the movie Hines would have to explain to her family.

Following the wild antics in 2016's Bad Moms, Kiki (Bell), Amy (Mila Kunis), and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) amp up their protest against pressures of motherhood and the need for a perfect Christmas. (Hint: Getting drunk at the mall in the afternoon and male Santa strippers are just the beginning.) But this time around, their own moms, played by Hines, Christine Baranski, and Susan Sarandon, are in town.

While Hines was thrilled to share the big premiere experience with her real-life mom, there was something hanging over her head: the scene in which Justin Hartley's character gets his business waxed. In the very NSFW scene (and complete departure from Hartley's This Is Us character), the exotic dancer goes to Carla to get his "dick, balls, and taint" cleaned up for his job. Audiences may wonder what a "taint" is — Hines' mom and daughter included.

"My mom is here, I’m going to have to explain what a taint is to her during the ball-waxing scene," Hines says in despair. (By the way, the definition of taint is "the area between the testicles or vulva and the anus.") But rather than enduring such an incredibly awkward conversation, Hines' strategy was to avoid having to explain it to her mom altogether. "It’s going to be like, I don’t have time, remind me later, and she’ll forget," the 52-year-old says. "That’s what I’m hoping."

And don't forget her young daughter was also there to watch the film with her. "[This movie] is almost a cautionary tale for me, because my 13-year-old daughter is here," Hines says. So will she have to explain taint to her as well? "I gave her a heads up," the actor explains. Seems like a solid plan.

Although the night would certainly lend itself to some awkward moments, Hines was proud to make it a family affair. She even says she recognizes parallels between her real-life relationship with her mom to Kiki and her mom's. "[My mom] adores me, which makes me feel... special. And she has been like that all my life," the actor says. "My character with Kristen Bell, [she] adores her."

Because Hines does have such a close relationship with her mom, there's been another, more serious issue weighing on her that the two have discussed: sexual assault in Hollywood.

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"There’s a lot of breaking news right now that I’m having to explain to her that’s tough," Hines says regarding the Weinstein allegations and more sexual harassment claims that have followed. "She can’t imagine it: Who is that person, and what does that mean?" the actor explains. Understandably so, it's difficult for Hines' mom to wrap her head around it all. "Some people in the business may have done regrettable things," Hones continues.

But the Curb Your Enthusiasm star ensures her mom that she's OK and she can hold her own, even though her mom worries. "Now I’m like, 'Don’t worry, I’m 100. I’ve seen it all and I’ve got it.'"

Tackling uncomfortable conversations with parents is never easy, but Hines proves taking them one step at a time is never a bad idea.