BarkBox Just Launched A Line Of Flower Crowns For Your Dog

Flower crows seem to be the festival season fashion staple that will never die — and if you just can’t get enough of them, good news: You can deck your pets out in them now, too. BarkBox’s pet accessory shop, BarkShop, makes flower crowns for dogs, and, uh, folks? They are A Lot — but they’re also kind of terrific.

Not unlike those hilarious and amazing hats for cats we took a look at together recently, PopSugar gets the credit for finding this delightful pet accessory. Part of BarkShop’s Lights Camera Bark: Literally So Cute collection, the crown is made entirely of plush — there are no actual or silk flowers involved — making it both safe and comfortable for your furry pal. It closes with Velcro for easy-on, easy-off versatility, with a bungee headband to make sure it won’t immediately flop off your dog’s head the second they get excited about something. It’s available in two sizes; the small crown is four inches in diameter, while the large one is six.

Oh, and also, each flower is packed with that crinkly material pets seem to love so much — so if you undo the Velcro, the “crown” transforms into the perfect for tug-of-war toy. How’s that for a multi-functional pet accessory?

Interestingly, the Literally So Cute collection — and, by extension, the flower crown — don’t seem to be available on BarkShop’s full site; however, both the general collection and the specific item are readily available in BarkShop’s Shopify store, so if you want one, head on over there to get your paws (har har) on it. You can also buy the crown from Urban Outfitter’s website, although be advised that they’re UO MRKT items — items whose orders are sold and fulfilled not by Urban Outfitters, but by third-party sellers. Bark is the company that sells and fulfills orders for crowns bought through UO, though, so yes, the whole thing is legit. For the curious, UO describes UO MRKT as “a curated marketplace that connects our community with an evolving lineup of culturally-minded brands and new discoveries”; Bark happens to be one those brands at present.

Not into flower crowns? Fear not; Bark has a variety of other wearable options available for your pup, including a party hat:

A regular, royalty-type crown:

And a complete costume that includes a tiny horn and pair of wings so you can make your dog into a full-on Pegasus:

The party hat is part of the Party Animal/Happy Barkday collection; the crown belongs to the Lights Camera Bark: The Essentials collection; and the Mythical Mutt bundle comes in the Lights Camera Bark: Disguises collection. BarkShop’s Shopify page is full of other collections, too, so if none of these picks grab you, head here. I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you and your favorite pup.

For what it’s worth, flower crowns and collars for dogs also abound on Etsy; however, these options are typically made of regular artificial flowers, rather than of plush, so they may or may not work for you, depending on how much your pupper likes to chew things or attempt to eat non-food items. Just, y’know, FYI.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do…