Here's How Becca *Really* Felt Seeing All The Guys Again During The 'Men Tell All'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Fans look forward to the Men Tell All special at the end of every season of The Bachelorette, but being the woman who's confronting her exes on national television has to be difficult. On Monday night, Becca Kufrin faced her contestants with so much grace — even the ones who didn't necessarily deserve it from her — and now, she's talking about it. In a new blog post for People, Becca opened up about seeing her Bachelorette men again, and although she definitely had a little stress about the situation, it sounds like it was an overall positive experience for her.

The way The Bachelorette has played out this season has been especially dramatic in the contestant department — even more so than usual. Aside from the controversy with Garrett Yrigoyen's liking of offensive social media posts (which he later apologized for) and Lincoln Adim's assault and battery convictions, there seemed to be a lot more pettiness than usual in the Bach mansion. Between the very confusing Colton/Tia/Becca love triangle of sorts, Jordan's (albeit hilarious) drama, and Chris's outbursts, Becca had a lot to deal with.

But according to the Bachelorette herself, now that filming is over, it sounds like it was actually pretty cathartic for her to come face to face with some of these men again.

In the post, she wrote:

"Heading into Men Tell All I was on-edge. As much as I was ready to see SOME of the men who came on this crazy adventure, I was still so nervous to see what was in store. Some of these men I truly fell for, some left on bad terms, and some hearts I broke… and I had no idea how they — or I — would react when we were on the same stage together."

And while she also said that she had no idea what the guys talked to Chris Harrison about before she went on stage and went out there without knowing all the back and forth that went on earlier in the show (especially between Jordan and Colton), she still felt comforted by seeing so many familiar faces again. She said:

"I knew there would be some hard questions asked, but I had such a great group of guys and as soon as I saw their faces, I was reminded of what I loved about each one of them. I truly tried to treat every man on this journey how I would want to be treated, so I couldn’t imagine it being too tough."

As it turns out, the guys did seem to calm down once Becca was on stage, and she did end up getting the closure that she and some of the guys probably needed. She had a sweet last chat with Jason, who was devastated when she eliminated him in the middle of their fantasy suite date, and she got a couple of apologies — one from Jean Blanc for taking back the L-bomb he dropped, and one from Chris (in the form of a gospel choir) for how poorly he treated her when he wasn't getting enough time with her.

But best of all? We got to see Grocery Store Joe again, and Becca also wrote in her blog that she loves him as much as the rest of us do.

"Even though I sent Joe home the first night, I was pumped to see him again," she wrote. "What most people don’t know is that I randomly ran into Joe back in June when I was in Chicago and had time to actually talk and get to know him better. He is an amazing man who I’m glad to still have been able to meet."

Closure, Joe, and a gospel choir — sounds like a pretty successful edition of Men Tell All.

Next week, we get to see Becca make her final pick on The Bachelorette finale, but from what she wrote in her blog, it sounds like she's happy with the way things play out. Seeing her get engaged and live her fairytale will be more than worth the drama that this season brought. After everything this franchise has put her through, she deserves it.