Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Talked About Dealing With Acne & Her Comments Are So Real

ABC/Craig Sjodin

While The Bachelor and The Bachelorette almost always has a contestant painted as a villain, the show also produces fan favorites. One of the faves from current Bachelor Arie Luyendyk's season may have become even more lovable. The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez talked about dealing with acne, and she got incredibly honest about her struggles with the skin issue and dealing with it in the public eye. To say it was refreshing and real is an understatement.

According to People, Martinez took to her Instagram account to candidly discuss the issues she currently has and has previously had with acne in a now expired story. While acne is nothing to be ashamed of, Martinez spoke about how hurtful unsolicited advice can be, how the skin condition can effect people emotionally, and how she feels about her own struggles.

In the story, Martinez explained that she's tried a multitude of solutions for the acne including going on acne medication Accutane three times as well as trying more natural remedies like going dairy-free, eating a plant-based diet, and drinking more water. According to Martinez, none of these solutions have worked, and hearing from those who do not or have not experienced acne can be hurtful and angering.

In the story, Martinez explains, "Having someone (especially a stranger) give you unsolicited skin advice upon seeing or hearing about your acne is akin to seeing someone overweight and giving them diet and exercise tips without them asking for it. Yes, it may be well-meaning, but it sure as hell gets annoying and hurtful to hear."

According to Refinery 29, when Martinez did open up about her skincare routine she never actually solicited advice. Despite this, comments on her photos are mixed with commentary on her time on the show as well as recommendations for her skin.

Some, however, weren't commenting to give recommendations but instead chose to explain to the reality television star how much her candidness about her struggles meant to them.

Commenters explained that despite knowing that people meant well, the advice is still hurtful.

Others told Martinez about their own interactions with people who found it necessary to advise them.

Some users loved that Martinez, a "badass chick," was open, and it didn't make her any less badass. In fact, it may have made her more so.

Martinez did get some backlash for her Instagram story and especially for her comments on not wanting unsolicited advice, but while she may have gotten a negative reaction, she also got positive ones. She said, "But I received an overwhelming response from literally thousands of women and men saying yes, I understand how you feel.”

This isn't Martinez's first time being in the news, though. In fact, she may have become somewhat accustomed to it by now. Not only is she the first Bachelor contestant with a short (and adorable) pixie-cut hairstyle, but her age also made headlines.

At the time of filming, Martinez was 22-years-old while Luyendyk was 36. While this ultimately didn't deter the two from building a strong relationship with one another, it certainly made for a lot of Twitter fodder for Bachelor Nation fans. Martinez, however, appears to have taken it all in stride.

As for whether or not you'll be seeing this outspoken contest on Bachelor in Paradise, there's no confirmations yet. Martinez seems to be taking time for herself (and posting on Instagram that she "don't need no man"). It's hard to deny that someone so candid won't be missed if she isn't gracing fans' television screens. Luckily, there's always social media, and clearly, Martinez has a lot to say, and she's inspiring people by saying it.