Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Looks Almost Unrecognizable With Long Hair

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor has only just kicked off, but already some of the contestants are making news. One of the women trying to win the heart of Bachelor Arie Luyendyk has already starting making headlines for her (Bachelor) history making short hair. Bekah from The Bachelor's pixie cut is a first, but she once had long brown hair, and it was old Hollywood glamour at its finest.

According to Refinery29, Bekah is the first contestant in Bachelor history to rock a pixie, and she certainly does it well. However, during the season's premiere episode, it wasn't her hair that seemed to secure her a rose, but her majorly cool entrance. The nanny from California drove up to the Bachelor mansion in a classic red Mustang, and she definitely looked good doing it. With her wavy brain hair, huge smile, and outgoing personality, she definitely seemed to catch Luyendyk's atention.

Now, she's catching Bachelor fans' attention again with an Instagram post because this pixie haired lady used to have long brown hair. Honestly, it just proves that she can rock basically any style. The look is totally old Hollywood and very Sophia Loren. With full bangs and large spiral curls falling just below her collarbone, the look is perfect.

The glam hairstyle, however, definitely appears as though it may be a wig. The image is sandwiched in between tons of other photos of Bekah with her current pixie cut. If it is a wig, though, she should totally think about making the change because the look is gorgeous on the contestant.

Bekah, however, is no stranger to hair changes. Her Instagram account is filled with the contestant switching out styles swiftly. From her nearly-white blonde locks, to a brown, classic bob, to pink tips and blue hair, she certainly knows how to keep people guessing when it comes to what she'll do next to her 'do.

Bekah's hair, however, isn't the only reason she's already one of the most well-known contestants on Luyendyk's season. Before the show began on New Year's Day, contestant bios were released on ABC's website. For all of the women, age was included. All of the women except Bekah, that is. Then, in the premiere episode, her age was omitted on screen, and she coyly dodged the question when speaking to Luyendyk — though her entrance line did make a sly joke about her youth.

As it turns out, Bekah is 22, and while that may seem young given that Luyendyk is 36, she's actually not the youngest contestant to ever be on the show. During Juan Pablo's season, contestant Cassandra Ferguson was 21 making her the youngest contestant by just a smidge. Plus, fellow contestants Maquel and Olivia are 23, only a year old than Bekah.

ABC/Paul Herbert

As for why she hasn't revealed her age and why it's not being displayed on screen, there's been no word. Perhaps it becomes a storyline later in the season. Perhaps Bekah didn't want to be judged for the number. Regardless, her age is clearly out there, and based on their interactions, it doesn't appear as though Luyendyk will care much.

Age, however, isn't the most important thing about Bekah. She's a 22 year old woman making her way in California who happens to be on The Bachelor, and she's got some damn good hair. No matter if she's 22 or 100, the contestant competing for Luyendyk's heart certainly knows how to rock on-trend styles.

While her pixie may now be what's she's known for, post-show, there's no telling what could come next. Until then, though, fans can enjoy Bekah's pixie cut.