Bethenny & Carole's Comments Just Teased SO Much 'Real Housewives Of New York' Drama

Greg Endries/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 is only three episodes in, but the drama is already underway; unlike someone running in the NYC Marathon, this show doesn’t need to get warmed up before it gets going. For example, Carole and Bethenny's Real Housewives Of New York comments really dig into the friendship drama that's already reared its head this season. After seeing the disagreement about a text message conversation, Bethenny’s feelings regarding Carole’s budding friendship with Tinsley Mortimer, and Carole’s absence from Bethenny’s charity dinner, it's clear that Season 10 is going to be a doozy for these two. So, what is going on between this pair of (possibly former) best friends now? Fear not, for just a few weeks ago, the Empress of Skinnygirl said she still loves Carole.

Yes, their friendship hits a few speed bumps over the course of Season 10, but Bethenny really makes it sound like there isn't any bad blood between them. As Us Weekly reported, she told Australia’s TheFIX earlier this month that she and Carole are not enemies. She said,

“There’s no fallout between Carole and myself. I really love Carole.”

She went on to say how her relationships with the friends she made decades ago are inevitably different from her relationships with the friends she's made on RHONY. She said,

“So I have my really tight-knit group, and meeting any new people is always, I don’t want to say risky, but it’s not the same depth and dimension as friends that you’ve had your whole life. And creating friendships under these circumstances, on a reality show, with so many people around, the universe are voyeurs, but the castmates are, too.”

Bethenny explained to TheFIX that whenever there’s any sort of conflict between RHONY cast members, “everyone’s involved. There are too many cooks spoiling the broth.” She added,

“But I love Carole and I love being on the show with her and it’s been a great experience.”

Bethenny and Carole met when Bethenny returned to the RHONY main roster on Season 7, and the two eventually became an indestructible duo. Or so we thought. It took four seasons, but it happened: Carole and Bethenny apparently spend the majority of Season 10 butting their perfectly coiffed heads.

As Carole told E! News earlier this month,

“There were some things that were said and done that I just didn’t feel like were completely consistent with the girl I knew and consistent with qualities that I consider someone a good friend. So, I tell her, we talk it out. And we talk it out again … So I adjusted my expectations for the friendship, and she did as well.”

There have been a lot of whispers in the Bravoverse winds about the state of Carole and Bethenny’s friendship. A source claimed to The Daily Mail that the conflict between the pals almost drove Bethenny to quit the show. Another source claimed to The Daily Mail, “It would take a lot more than Carole Radziwill for Bethenny to resign from the show.” Us Weekly reported that multiple insiders claimed Carole and Bethenny’s friendship was done.

And yes, Carole’s tweets about the episode that aired on Wednesday, April 18 suggest something was (and maybe still is?) amiss. Oh, and Us Weekly pointed out some of the not-so-chill tweets that Bethenny liked that night, too. Oh, boy. That, um, took a turn. Hopefully, those tweets don't mean a serious feud is on the horizon

Snarky tweets be darned, it does sound like Carole and Bethenny aren't sworn nemeses; their relationship is just in a different place nowadays. As Carole said in the aforementioned E! News interview,

“We all go through phases, and there are shifts in friendships and stuff.”

Their friendship goes through ups and downs, just like any other friendship... but ya know, with the added bonus of being televised for all the world to see. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dorinda Medley weighed in on the matter. Bethenny and Carole's RHONY co-star said,

“You’ll see how the whole thing unfolds. It really does unfold over eight episodes. So for me to even sit here and say, ‘This is the one thing [that caused the tension between Carole and Bethenny],’ it really wasn’t.”

Dorinda went on to say that as bad as things got between Carole and Bethenny on Season 10, it doesn't mean they threw in the towel. She added,

“Listen, they had a very strong relationship, a very close relationship, but sometimes, as I said to both of them, things change. Doesn't mean the friendship's over ... At the end of the day, they'll work through it and they'll just settle. Haven't you ever had that? Where you just sort of have to readjust.”

Carole and Bethenny have a tough Season 10, but it sounds like it may not be the end of the road for them.

May the next chapter in Bethenny and Carole's friendship story be made as nice as Dorinda's Berkshires home during Christmastime.