Beyoncé's Surprise 'Homecoming' Live Album Has Twitter Shook

Parkwood Entertainment/Netflix

While nobody is complaining, Beyoncé dropping a more than two-hour-long documentary overnight on Wednesday not be the most convenient for people who have got to get their weekday grind. But Queen Bey is here for those who have to go to work instead of watching the Netflix doc. Beyoncé released a live Homecoming album to accompany her documentary of her 2018 Coachella performance. So even if you couldn't kick off your Wednesday by watching the Homecoming film on Netflix, you can listen to Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella set while at work, school, or wherever you are when you're not in front of your TV. And reactions to Beyoncé's Homecoming album show that fans are beyond excited to have access to Beychella in multiple platforms.

Coachella 2019 is currently happening right now in California. But Beyoncé has brought the 2018 festival directly to every fan with her documentary and album. The Netflix documentary, which Beyoncé directed, transports fans to the audience of her historic set last year and gives them a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the performance. Meanwhile, the unannounced album delivers the audio version of both the epic Beychella performance and some of Beyoncé's commentary from the documentary — plus, a few other bonuses, like a Blue Ivy Carter track.

Homecoming: The Live Album has an astounding 40 tracks and clocks in at one hour and 49 minutes (the documentary is two hours and 17 minutes). So here's what fans are saying about this surprise live album bestowed onto them by Queen Bey.

40 Tracks?!

Beyoncé made sure you wouldn't miss a moment with Homecoming: The Live Album.

So Much Productivity

As if you needed another reason to be impressed, Beyoncé added on the live album to her already incredible Homecoming-based résumé.

Wednesday Is The New Friday

Typically, new albums drop on Friday nights, but Beyoncé writes her own rules.

She's So Generous

If you had been up when Homecoming hit Netflix at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT, the surprise of the live album made it even more of a celebration.

*And* It's On Spotify!

Beyoncé's husband JAY-Z may own the subscription-based music streaming service TIDAL, but she even dropped the Homecoming album on the free service Spotify.

It's Time To Learn How To Multitask Like Bey

Sure, Bey can flawlessly accomplish doing many things at once, but mere mortals may struggle to both watch and listen to Homecoming.

This Should Have Been A Holiday

Is it too late to call in sick?

It's Got People Dancing At Their Desks

But at least you can listen to the album while at your desk, driving, walking around, at the gym, doing whatever you do on weekdays if streaming the documentary isn't an option just yet on this fine Wednesday.

Her Vocals Are Even More Impressive

The documentary shows how hard Beyoncé is moving with her choreography and with that in mind, you'll be even more blown away by her voice when listening to the album.

That Blue Ivy Song

Blue Ivy may not have graced the stage of Coachella last year, but the 7-year-old's music catalog continues to grow with Blue's version of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" on the album.

Headphones Are On Fire

You've heard most of these Beyoncé songs before, but never like this.

Plus, A New Song

The album also includes a new song not featured in the documentary — a cover of Maze's "Before I Let Go." There's a studio version of the song "I Been On" on the album as well.

Take All Our Money

Whatever else Bey drops, the world is willing to pay for it.

With this surprise live album, there are also rumors that Beyoncé will drop a new studio album in the next couple of days. But no matter if there will be another secret album this week, Homecoming: The Live Album and the documentary will leave in constant awe of all her accomplishments.