Stop Everything & Watch This Video Of Beyoncé & JAY-Z Doing The Electric Slide

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; _jaided/Twitter

In what could quite possibly be the best news that you’ll see all day, a video of Beyoncé and JAY-Z doing the electric slide is here to make you smile until your cheeks hurt. It's literally the Christmas present you never knew you needed: Jay and Bey dancing in unison to the Frankie Beverly and Maze R&B classic "Before I Let Go" at a family gathering. You guys have got to see it, it seriously doesn't get much better than this.

The minute-long video, which was apparently posted and later deleted from Instagram by Bey's mother Tina Knowles-Lawson, also reportedly features Knowles-Lawson, her husband Richard Lawson, music video director Melina Matsoukas, and Beyoncé's cousin Angie Beyince on the dance floor, according to Essence.

It's immediately unclear what prompted Bey's momma to delete the heartwarming post. Although, one could speculate that the removal was her children's urging, as it has been well documented that both Beyoncé and her sister Solange aren't too fond of their mother's social media presence. Despite being pulled, fans managed to still get their hands on the video. In the accompanying caption shared by Refinery29, Knowles-Lawson reportedly joked,

"Why at every party even a kid's party do we have to do 10 versions of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid Shuffle, wobble Shuffle, The Texas shuffle —everything but the kitchen sink Shuffle."

It's a glorious moment, to say the least. The video shows Beyoncé staying on beat in true Queen Bey fashion, while rocking a pair of high heel stiletto boots. Meanwhile, Jay seems to be completely in his bag, throwing his hand in the air every time he turns into the next sequence of steps.

Ms. Tina and her hubby Richard Lawson aren't too shabby with their moves either with Lawson putting some extra jazzy steps into motion. You literally must watch it several times just to take it all in.

The video had fans completely shook, as many jumped to Twitter to share their feelings on the video.

1. It's The Mood For 2017

One Hov and Bey fan called the video their mood for the rest of the year.

2. Bey Saved The Day

Another fan revealed that watching Beyoncé do the electric slide just made their day.

3. It's Something You Never Knew You Needed

One fan hilariously explained their excitement after watching the video.

4. JAY-Z Killed It

Meanwhile, Jay's moves totally did this commenter in.

5. Bey Didn't Miss A Step

Pointing out the height of Bey's footwear, this viewer couldn't get over how well the mother of three took to the dance floor.

6. It's All Of Us

This fan was glad to see both Bey and Jay follow the "golden rule" of family gatherings.

7. It's On Repeat

The video brought one person so much joy that they had to watch it over and over again.

8. JAY-Z's Got Major Moves

One fan couldn't get over Jay's impressive dance moves.

9. It's The Best Of 2017

One person called the visual the highlight of their year.

10. It'll Give You All The Friday Feels

Watching the video totally made this person's day.

11. It's A Celebration Dance

One person even managed to drag the president into the conversation.

12. Everything You Could Want

This fan called watching Jay and Bey do the slide "everything."

13. Day Made

Learning that JAY-Z does the electric slide at family gatherings totally made this person's day.

Fans are seemingly as obsessed with the video as they are with all things Beyonce and JAY-Z — and quite honestly, who can blame them? It's surely refreshing to see the both of the superstar musicians let their guards down to enjoy a special family moment.