Beyonce's 2017 Grammys Performance Dress Was Total Golden Goddess Perfection — PHOTOS

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Bey-ond! Beyonce performed at the 2017 Grammys while pregnant with twins. Avid Grammy watchers may recall that back in 2009, rapper M.I.A. performed while nine months pregnant with her son and, as always when Queen Bey hits the stage, it was quite the spectacular feat. Sunday night, Bey performed while expecting two babies and it was everything and Bey-ond. You might even consider this performance the true debut of Beyonce's twins, since she skipped the evening's red carpet action.

But we didn't need to see the singer in breathtaking and spectacular couture, since her performance outfit was everything.

Beyonce's 2017 Grammys performance ensemble was super accessorized and thoroughly golden. She was the golden goddess, wearing a Mother Mary-like crown, thick gold chokers, and a gilded dress that shimmered and sparkled. It had the cold-shoulder cutouts, too.

Ultimately, Bey's presentation was total perfection.

Bey is known for wearing gorgeous and glam bodysuits during her concerts, since they allow her to be mobile and to bust those acrobatic and incredibly choreographed dance moves while singing her you-know-what off. In this case, she was gliding across the stage accompanied by some incredible dancers.

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Bey's hair was super long, curly, and blonde, and it perfectly matched her dress. To my eyes, her look took inspo from Mother Mary and The Statue of Liberty and the end result was something totally unique.

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It was a mic drop moment.

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That smile, though!

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Enjoy one last look.