Beyoncé Wore $6.8 Million Worth Of Jewels To The Grammys Because She's Beyoncé & She Deserves It

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Beyoncé Knowles Carter is a goddess, a fashion icon, a multi-talented performer, and the star of the music industry. Now, she's being all those things while dripping in jewels. Beyoncé wore $6.8 million worth of jewelry to the 2018 Grammy Awards, and honestly, she deserves that much bling every day. Because she's Beyoncé.

According to Hollywood Life, Beyoncé may have actually won the Grammys — even though she wasn't even nominated — by wearing $6.8 million worth of jewels courtesy of Lorraine Schwartz. The high profile, celebrity jewelry designer decked out the Lemonade songstress and upcoming star of The Lion King in serious diamonds. While she would have shone regardless of the glittering jewels, the jewels certainly didn't hurt anything now did they?

Plus, the jewelry was at the forefront of her ensemble, given that she wore all black and kept her hair braided back underneath a stunningly dramatic head piece.

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According to details from Hollywood Life, her incredible drop earrings were the real star of her jewel choices. The geometrically shaped earrings seemed to harken back to the late 1960s and early 1970s which makes total sense. According to People, Beyoncé's makeup artist Sir John explained that her looks for both the night before the show and the night of the show were meant to show her support of the Black Panther Party which formed in 1966.

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Her glasses were a clear tip-off to that inspiration, but it was her earrings that dazzled. Apparently, they were 70 carats worth of dazzling. With diamonds set in platinum, they surely made up quite a bit of that $6.8 price tag.

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It wasn't all about the earrings, however. The star also wore three rings that were subtle in comparison to those gorgeous earrings.

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Beyoncé, however, wasn't the only member of the Carter family with a killer accessory. According to PopSugar, Blue Ivy Carter was wearing a $2,675 Valentino purse. While that may seem like a lot of money for a 6-year-old, it is, but this is also Blue Ivy Carter, and she has no rules and needs no rules. You wear that Valentino, Blue Ivy.

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As for how the internet felt about Beyoncé's $6.8 million jewels? They loved them. Because this is Beyoncé we're talking about.

Yeah, she's just being casual, slaying in those earrings while taking care of her daughter like a champion. The world is not worthy of this do-it-all woman.

No, but like, really. Can you even take out a life insurance policy worth $6.8 million?

Let's think of Beyoncé's earrings as an aspirational future.

But like, they're actually probably worth more than two college tuitions and a Bentley. Like, let's throw in a Mercedes G-wagon for good measure.

Beyoncé just being Beyoncé is the most Beyoncé thing Beyoncé has done.

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From singer to songwriter to visual artist to fashion queen to actor to mother, Beyoncé is basically the embodiment of all women can achieve. There's a reason her nickname is Queen Bey.

Beyoncé's career in entertainment is accompanied by her role as mother and social activist, and she gets to wear $6.8 million worth Lorraine Schwartz jewels to the Grammys while her daughter rocks a $2,675 purse. Basically, she's #goalsAF, and we are not worthy.