Beyonce Wore A Gorgeous Golden Gown To 'The Lion King' European Premiere

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Beyonce has already appeared at one The Lion King premiere looking flawless, and now she's doing it again. She is Queen Bey — and Queen Nala — after all. At The Lion King London premiere, Beyonce's outfit was golden and gorgeous. While you may have thought that it didn't get any better than her matching with daughter Blue Ivy, well, this look is definitely at least a tie.

On July 14, the new Disney live-action The Lion King made its premiere at Leicester Square in London with a ton of stars and royalty (here's looking at you, Meghan Markle) choosing to attend. Of course, the stars of the film were on hand to celebrate the release, and unless you've been living under Pride Rock the past few weeks, you know that Beyonce is one of the film's most recognizable names in a sea of already familiar faces. The singer and actor voices Nala in the film, and curated an entire album based on the movie that includes her new song "Spirit." Clearly, she's got a lot to celebrate at the premiere.

For The Lion King London premiere, Beyonce wore a golden off-the-shoulder gown with a high slit and crinkled fabric. Fabric from the dress spilled onto the orange ·a la The Lion King color scheme), adding the perfect contrast to her look. She looked like her own gleaming golden award for a job well done slaying the entire live-action movie.

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Bey's hair was pin-straight, falling long behind her shoulders. With her makeup putting focus on her eyes and a nude lip, she certainly pulled off a beauty look that stunned while staying simple.

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Nala does become queen in the movie, and Beyonce certainly came dressed like one. As if we all expect anything else from the leader of the Beyhive.

While Beyonce's look at the London premiere of The Lion King was fit for the queen she plays (and is), fans have been treated to more than one iconic look thanks to the star's role in the live action remake. According to Marie Claire, Beyonce attended the 2019 Wearable Art Gala in early June, and she gave fans the first taste of the The Lion King looks in a spectacular gold and glittering jumpsuit with a massive cape and lion face on the front complete with feathers as the mane. It was, in a word, spectacular.

While Queen Bey didn't go full on Lion King-inspired fashion for the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles, she did totally own the red carpet. The star was joined by her daughter Blue Ivy in a total twinning moment that'll make you remember why the old adage "Like mother, like daughter" is a thing.

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The pair appeared in matching glittering tuxedo jackets. Blue Ivy's look was more pared down than Beyonce's, but hey, she's still a kid. She did accent her hair with what seem to be diamond scrunchies, and let's be honest, no one else could ever other than Blue Ivy.

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As for Beyonce, her Alexander McQueen tuxedo dress was covered in an intricate pattern of crystals, and a sheer skirt was attached to the jacket. The bling didn't stop there, though. She also rocked a sparkly statement because sometimes more actually is more.

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If you thought Beyonce's The Lion King world premiere look in Los Angeles was good, her London premiere outfit was just as stunning and incredibly different. With her royal golden aura radiating to all of London, Queen Bey proves that she can slay whatever carpet she walks. Bow down to our leader.