Fans Were Seriously Bummed By Bibiana's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Elimination

ABC/Paul Hebert; kellykeegs/Twitter

There are a lot of cast members to keep track of on Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately, that means they can't all stay at the resort. After Monday night's episode, viewers couldn't help tweeting about Bibiana getting eliminated on Bachelor in Paradise. She gave us all so much, yet it felt like she just didn't get the Paradise experience that she deserved — not by a long shot.

She did everything for everyone. She was the glorified therapist, bringing couples together and helping them work out their differences. She took over Chris Harrison's job and ended up narrating the show. She had the best one-liners to break up the melodrama. She had the best bathing suits. She even saved Colton when no one else wanted to give him a rose.

And this is how she gets repaid? By getting the boot? She helped everyone else with her sage advice, yet no one could give her a rose. This is reality TV injustice. How are the viewers going to get through the season without Bibiana's commentary? How is she such a great person, enhancing every show she's on, yet she's never found love on TV? It's just not right.

Bibiana deserves everything and her fans couldn't help tweeting in response to last night's episode. Is there some sort of twist where Bibiana walks down the Paradise steps with a date card during the next episode? There has to be. Right?


She Was The Best Person On The Show

Bibiana should have been the queen of Paradise. She really has it all going for her. Everyone watching this show wants to be friends with Bibiana.


She Was The Voice Of Reason

Without Bibiana, this show will suffer. She always had the best perspective and on point advice for every situation.


She Raises Up Other Women

Bibiana has managed to be funny on Bachelor in Paradise without making fun of people or tearing them down. She is all about the women empowerment and sets a great example to her costars and the viewers.


She Deserves A Love Connection Of Her Own

Bibiana helped everyone else sort out their love lives. She deserves to find someone that catches her interest.


She Should've Got A Rose

Bibiana was really running Paradise. How are they not going to give her a rose. They're not going to be able to make any decisions without her.... yet they did not give her a rose. Not one of those guys.


She Helped All Of Those Couples

How does she help everyone find their love connection, yet she can't stay on the show to see the new arrivals? So many people gave out pity roses to cast members none of us know, yet no one gave a rose to Bibiana, the most helpful person in Paradise.


She Kept Colton For THIS!?

She was Colton's guardian angel last week, but no one in this cast went out on a limb to hand her a rose. This makes zero sense.


She Should Be The Bachelorette

Why have another season of The Bachelor where the lead (most likely) doesn't end up with the winner when we can have another season of The Bachelorette with Bibiana handing out roses?


She Deserved To Stay

There's no point in watching this show anymore. Everyone will still watch, of course, but it's not going to be as good without Bibiana.


Why Couldn't She Be Saved?

Just because Bibiana wasn't gelling with any of the guys in Paradise, she still should have got a rose. She could have hit it off with one of the new arrivals. Now we will never know.


She Is The Best Wing Woman

Seriously. She really is the best friend.


She's Coming Back To Paradise, Right?

There's no way that Bibiana is really gone, right? She is coming back. Isn't she!? She should...


She Should Be A Bartender

She has the best commentary and perfect advice. She should just hop behind the bar with Wells and Yuki instead of boarding a plane to go home.


She Is The Friend Everyone Needs

Everyone would love to have a best friend like Bibiana. She is fun. She is wise. She's bringing a lot to the table. She will be severely missed on this show.


She Just Seems Like Such A Great Person

There is nothing bad to say about Bibi. She is a total gem and she captured the hearts of the fandom. If only she found a worthy man on one of these shows...


She Didn't Get A Rose

Most viewers are still trying to learn these people's names who ended up with roses, yet Bibiana didn't get anything!? That is just not right. So not right.

Bibiana is the most lovable cast member from Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. She is intelligent. She is well-spoken. She is hilarious. She deserved more and so did the viewers. Justice for Bibiana.