What ‘Bachelor’ Breakout Bibiana Is Up To Right Now


Bibiana became the unsung hero of The Bachelor just two episodes into the show's new season when she took a stand against the revolving door of interruptions known as the "can I steal you for a minute?" move. The confrontation between Bachelor contestant Bibiana and Krystal, her interruptor, earned her a legion of loyal fans hoping she'll receive Arie's final rose. And, while we can't know for sure who will win this season, we can try to figure out if she went home with a ring based on what Bibiana is doing now.

The Bachelor Season 22 began filming in September and, per Bachelor (editor: Debra Light) fashion, ended after a little over one month, meaning that in January of 2018, Bibiana is no longer stuck without Instagram and Twitter in the Bachelor mansion. However, the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader is actually steering clear from oversharing on social media, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few clues to gather from her posts as to what she's doing now. (Though neither account is verified, they do appear to be her authentic Instagram and Twitter accounts.)

After apparently leaving Instagram in August, Bibiana returned to the social media site on Dec. 20, 2017, with a Christmas post. Celebrating with a group of girlfriends, Bibiana is seen raising a glass with her girls. Context clues, as well as some Instagram sleuthing, suggests that she was back in her hometown of Miami, Florida, to celebrate the holidays. But before you think that means she definitely is not the girl who captured Arie's heart in the end, remember this: someone needed to take the picture.

Since then, Bibiana has only posted two photos — a bikini selfie and a throwback photo with her friend Astrid Bavaresco, also pictured above, who is actually another reality star, having appeared on WAGS Miami. Eagle-eyed fans will have no trouble seeing that Bibiana's left ring finger is bare in both recent photos, but as true Bachelor fans know, that is hardly a real indicator as to the end of the show.

Her Twitter presence is similarly negligible. After reactivating her Twitter in December, Bibiana has only sent out a handful of Tweets, sending out innocuous messages about her new favorite emojis and doing a bit of Bachelor live tweeting.

The only thing that can truly be gathered from Bibiana's social media feed is that, for now, she appears to be back at work in Miami, where she is reportedly employed as an Executive Assistant for MTV, according to Wetpaint. "Someone brought their dog to work today. Everytime [sic] it barks it sounds like a cat in heat," she wrote on Jan. 11, which would be a weird thing to tweet if she weren't actually at work. She even joked about her explosive confrontation with Krystal in Episode 2, tweeting the following day, "Why are people at work scared of me all of a sudden? I don't get it."

Bibiana's return to normal life shouldn't alarm fans too much. Most Bachelor contestants are sent back home to normalcy to avoid any spoilers. Even the winners, or, uh, fiancés are only allowed to meet in secret. However, there are other possible red flags that could point towards a not so happy ending for our dear Bibiana, like Arie's post-show blog for People. After going through the rest of the most recent episode, Arie tackled the tense cocktail party, ultimately defending Krystal's desire for more time with him despite her having a rose. "I also understand Krystal wanting to get more time," he wrote. "As much as it may have rubbed the girls the wrong way, we had just had an amazing date, and it's difficult to not be able to spend time with one another."

Could Arie be trying to diffuse some of the blowback on Krystal? Perhaps in an effort to butter up the viewers and prepare them for the possibility that she sticks around longer than Bibiana? For now, we'll just have to wait and see.