'Bachelor In Paradise' Viewers Had SO Many Feelings About Bibiana Giving Out Her Rose

ABC/Paul Hebert; dtinee_t/Twitter

It's fair to say that Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 is essentially the Colton and Tia show at this point. There are 93,733,394,636 people in this cast, yet these two are the main focus of almost every scene. It seemed like he was going to go home, but Bibiana gave Colton a rose and saved him from elimination. This show (like many reality TV shows) has become rather formulaic, but this was a twist that caught many people off-guard. Both viewers and cast members were surprised.

As a recap, Tia gave her rose to Chris. Colton's second choice Angela (and her perfect hair) handed out a rose to Venmo John. Bibiana had been making witty remarks with Wills the entire episode. It seemed like she might save Wills, but that's not what happened. Instead, the viewers were deprived from seeing Wills' summer wardrobe, as the Tia and Colton drama continued.

Some people praised Bibiana for stirring the pot and continuing this storyline. Other people suggested that this was a producer-instigated move. Then The Bachelorette's Becca Kufrin "randomly" showed up to talk to Tia and Colton, which would have made zero sense if Colton was sent home during the first storyline.

Plenty of Bachelor in Paradise viewers commented on Bibiana's rose ceremony power move. Some were behind it, others were annoyed, and plenty of people were confused. These tweets raise so many questions.


What About The Outfits That Wills Packed?

The viewers lost so much when Wills got sent him. The fans missed out on Wills finding love, giving on-point facial expressions, and outdoing everyone with this style choices. This is just so sad.


Why Was Wills The First To Go?

Of course, Colton had to stay. He's the most talked about guy on the season, but why did Wills have to leave? The episode left off with Colton sobbing and on the verge of sending himself home. If Colton leaves, would this mean that Wills can just come back? That would be fair, right?


What's Wrong With Stirring The Pot?

Why not just stir the pot? It didn't seem like Bibiana had a love interest of her own to hand out a rose to, so why not do something interesting instead? This is a reality TV show, after all.


What Drama Will Come From This Decision?

No one wants to watch a boring reality TV show. Thank you, Bibi.


Isn't This The Producers' Fault?

Was this Bibiana's decision? Or was this the producers' call? Is Bibiana just the scapegoat for some behind-the-scenes scheming? #JusticeForBibiana


Did Bibi Just Want To Stir The Pot?

Who care if Bibiana stirred the pot? What is so offensive about her giving a rose to Colton? It's not her fault that no one else gave Wills a rose. Yes, she could have saved Wills, but so could any woman on the show.


Why Was The Cast SO Surprised?

It seemed like Tia would give Colton that rose. Angela seemed like a possibility, too. No one ever thought that a third person could even consider giving Colton a rose, let alone actually handing him one. But here's the thing: There was just no way that Colton wasn't making it past the first rose ceremony.


This Was All Contrived, Right?

How pointless would it be for Becca to fly from Minnesota to Mexico if Colton wasn't even there? Well, it was kind of pointless anyway, but it would have been even more ridiculous if Colton got sent home before she arrived.


Why Do We STILL Have To Suffer Through The Love Triangle?

Stop trying to make the Colton, Tia, and Becca love triangle happen. It's not going to happen.


How Did This Happen?

Did this really come out of nowhere, or was everyone just blind to the foreshadowing? Maybe it's a good call to re-watch that episode.


What If Colton Just Leaves?

If Bibiana gave Colton a rose just for him to send himself home, that is going to be so frustrating.


Is It Possible That Bibi Is Into Colton?

It would be a true plot twist if Bibiana is actually into Colton. It doesn't seem likely, but it would definitely shake things up on this show.


Does Bibiana Have BDE?

If anyone on this show is exuding that BDE, it's Bibiana.


Why Is Everyone Judging Bibiana?

None of us are Bibiana. Most of us are not on this show. No one truly knows what Bibiana was thinking or why she handed out that rose. There's no reason to judge her for this. It's just a TV show. People need to calm down.

Thank you, Bibi for keeping things interesting. Sadly Wills is not on the show, but is that Bibiana's fault? No. It's not really. There were plenty of other people who could have given him a rose. Let's just hope that the next episode highlights some other people that are not Colton and Tia, but that doesn't seem likely at this point.