Billie Is Participating In Movember Because Ladies Have Mustaches, Too

Billie's Movember campaign encourages women to grown their mustaches.
Courtesy of Billie

If you haven't heard of Movember, it's the reason all the dudes you know start sprouting mustaches and refusing to shave. The Movember movement isn't just a time when everyone wants to be Groucho Marx, though. There's a charitable aspect, too, and thanks to Billie Razors, the ladies can get in on the action. Because hello, let's be honest, ladies have mustaches, too.

That fact that women have facial hair isn't surprising, but despite this being a well-known fact, women's body hair isn't deemed "normal" — whatever that means — and is considered outside of the ideas of typical beauty standards. Now, razor brand Billie is helping to normalize that peach fuzz or those full on strands you grow. In November, the brand is joining in on Movember as the organization's first ever women's brand. In doing so, Billie is reminding ladies that their 'staches are normal and helping to prevent men's premature death from testicular and prostate cancer and suicide.

The Movember campaign specifically asks women to do what the men do during this month: grown their mustaches long and proud. But the November-based movement is part of a larger scope for the brand that's mission is to normalize all body hair and remind women that shaving is a choice, not a necessity. Previous campaigns from the brand, like Project Body Hair, have focused on actually showing women's hair, not hiding the fact that it exists. Project Movember is no different.

Billie isn't just encouraging its customers to grow their 'staches and promote Movember, though. The brand is also putting its money where its mouth (or um, mustache) is by matching 100% of the donations up to $50,000 given to its Movember team up. If you want to join in, Billie already has an official team page already set up on the Movember website.

Courtesy of Billie

Of the campaign, Billie co-founder Georgia Gooley says, "Of all the places women grow hair, the upper lip seems to be the one most rarely talked about and the most taboo. We’re excited to make it the hero of our latest campaign and put our hair to good use in the name of a good cause."

Courtesy of Billie

Want to rock your very own Burt Reynolds 'stache? Tired of that god awful Nar smell right under your nose? Join Billie's Movember campaign and embrace your face while raising money for a cause.