Blue Ivy Has A Stylist & Personal Shopper Because Picking The Perfect Tutu Is Hard

by Kali Borovic
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When you are the child of a celebrity, all eyes are on you when you hit the streets. Apparently, A-list parents prepare them for this type of thing. According to Women's Wear Daily, Blue Ivy has a stylist and a personal shopper. Just a refresher, she is six years old. You know what they say, like mother-like daughter — especially when it comes to style.

Style knows no age, and for Blue Ivy it is coming sooner rather than later. You might have though that her $2,675 Valentino purse from the Grammys or leather jacket when sitting court-side at a basketball game was just great fashion sense. It turns out that the tiny little A-lister had some help from her mom's friend.

Women's Wear Daily found that Manuel A. Mendez is Blue Ivy's stylist and personal shopper. Although his title on Instagram reads, "personal assistant & fashion stylist at Parkwood Entertainment," it should say "in charge of Blue Ivy's killer style." Remember that golden fringe wig that the tot rocked at the Wearable Art Gala and her feather collar in the Family Feud music video? Well, that was all Mendez.

Honestly, the world should have noticed this sooner. Although he doesn't outwardly brag about his amazing stylist skills, Mendez does post photos of the family, including Blue Ivy, with the phrase "styled by Manuel A. Mendez" at the end.

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Mendez has yet to comment on how often of which styles that he has chosen for Blue Ivy, besides the ones that walk on the red carpet and in music videos. Women's Wear Daily did say that he is the toddler's personal shopper though. That means that every single look that she steps out in could be chosen for her — from the most over-the-top to the most casual outfits.

There's a good chance that Blue Ivy has the final say on what she wears though. Even at the age of six, she has already let her personality shine. Remember that meme of her shushing her parents at the the Grammys? Or the time she bid a cool $19,000 on a painting at the Wearable Art Gallery in Los Angeles? There's no way that she wears an outfit just because people want her to.

Plus, let's be honest, fashion isn't about what you wear. It's about how you wear it. Without Blue Ivy's confidence and personality, these outfits wouldn't be half as good. It's just hard to find time to pick the perfect outfit when you're going between red carpets and play dates, you know. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

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This isn't Mendez's first gig with the family. According to People Style, Mendez has worked as Beyoncé's personal assistant for a while now. The publication also says that he was hired as Blue Ivy's stylist in September 2013. That means that she had her own personal stylist and shopper at the ripe age of 20 months.

The publication found that the first time that Mendez has credited Blue Ivy's style to himself was in September of 2013. Apparently, the leopard one-piece bathing suit that paparazzi snapped photos of was Mendez's choice. Basically, Blue Ivy was having some fashion help since she came out of the womb.

Blue Ivy isn't the only celebrity child to be styled. According to the Time Of India, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh-Novel and Gwen Stefani's children have their own stylists as well. So while this might seem bizarre to you, a normie, it's actually pretty common. Although it is worth noting that Mendez does not style any other celebrity children.

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Blue Ivy is learning from a very young age the importance of finding your personal style. We all need a little help with fashion every now and then. Some kids just have a little more to work with then the rest of us.