Bread Is Getting A Reboot In 2019 — Here Are The Most Delicious Trends To Watch

These tweets about making bread during quarantine are so relatable.

All rejoice, hallelujah! Everything's coming up bread!!! Facebook recently released their annual report of topics and trends for the upcoming year, and the social media giant says bread is back, baby! Break out those bread bowls and big ol’ baguettes because 2019 is the Year of Bread.

The Facebook 2019 Topics and Trends report identifies “topics to watch” in the coming year based on what’s been on the rise (lol bread pun) as of late. Guess which carb-y delight got a whole entire page in the report? That’s right. It’s bread. The slide detailing all the reasons bread is a 2019 rising star is titled, “Bread 2.0.” It’s a Bread reboot, honey! It’s Bread, the sequel! Bread is back and better than ever.

As the report states, “Food start-ups are innovating bread with processes like 'slow carb baking,' or slow natural fermenting, which creates breads with lower glycemic indexes.” Never thought I would say this but ... thank you, startups, for bringing back bread. Bread-adjacent topics have also increased in popularity. According to Facebook’s report, “alternative flours have seen a rise in interest, as people have become more interested in spelt, rice flour, popular earlier this year, and even ancient grains, such as einkorn wheat.” We’re becoming so obsessed with bread we’re looking for her close relatives and long lost cousins.

Women in particular are dominating the bread conversation. Topics like “einkorn wheat” are almost exclusively being talked about by women ... and those topics are rising to the top. Bread is feminist! The future is bread! Bread for president!

The topic of baking also appears to be a rising trend: “We also see interest in baking overall growing as, for example, conversation about crust is on the rise.” (Lol, crust pun.) Again, you have women to thank for “crust” being a topic to watch: 89 percent of the conversation is has been driven by females, according to Facebook. In the past year, Facebook has seen a 300 percent increase in the crust conversations.

My question is: where are these conversations happening?! Why has my feed been riddled with bad memes and long political rants from former high school classmates? I want to be where the bread people are! I want memes about bread! I was long rants about which bread is the best bread! I want progress pics of the bread you are baking!

I'm talking all naan everything. I'm talking banana bread for one. Even better, make Chrissy Teigen’s banana bread recipe and share the bread bounty with everyone around you. Do you have a moment to talk about garlic bread, perhaps the world’s most perfect way to eat bread? There are even gluten-free garlic bread recipes so you have no excuse! The holiday season is upon us, and with it brings the opportunity to discuss the importance of corn bread. What I'm saying is every occasion is a bread occasion.

In 2019, let’s all get that bread, and by “bread” I do literally mean bread.