This Self-Love Box Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Someone Going Through A Breakup

by Natalia Lusinski
Courtesy of Mend

Though Valentine's Day an exciting holiday for some people, other people dread the love-centric day. Maybe you just got out of a relationship or a friend just went through a breakup and could use some cheering up. In any case, the true point of Valentine’s Day is about love, including loving yourself. Mend, a breakup app, happens to be all about self-care, especially when you're heartbroken. It aims to help guide you through your breakup day-by-day, so you truly don’t have to do it alone or if you need some guidance at the touch of your fingertips.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the app created Limited Edition Mend Boxes called LOVE, PATIENCE, and PAIN (yes, they thank Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” for the inspiration). Each Mend Box includes a three-month subscription to Mend, one Sugarfina “Love Bites” bento box (two candy cubes inside), and a Mend journal. Plus, there are some bonus self-care products and discounts from female-founded wellness brands — Ritual (one $30 month supply gift card), Queen V (one bombshell bath bomb), Unbound (one $10 gift card, one small lingerie bag, one Jelly gel, one Jolt gel, aka arousal gel), and Gem (one sample vitamin pack). After all, it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day for you to practice self-love — either for yourself or to help a friend do so.

“We know that Valentine’s Day can be extra difficult and isolating if you’re newly single and still recovering from a breakup,” Elle Huerta, CEO and Founder of Mend, tells Bustle. “But we also know that it’s a day where we can celebrate all types of love, so we wanted to curate a box that you could gift a friend who could use a little love on Valentine’s Day that says, ‘I see what you’re going through, I’m here for you, and I want you to know you’re loved and supported.’” In fact, Huerta started Mend after she experienced a breakup and couldn’t find the type of support she wanted — so she then created it.

It’s All About Loving Yourself

Of course, if you want a self-love boost, you can also get the Mend Box for yourself. “Anyone who’s single, going through heartbreak, or really just working on themselves at the moment could benefit from the Mend Box,” Huerta says. You can also use the app itself for some self-care.

“Self-care is built into our training program on the app because we know how crucial it is to the mending process that you prioritize your needs above all,” Huerta says. “Our daily trainings are a way to dedicate a few minutes a day to yourself and to process the very difficult, and oftentimes painful, feelings that come up after a breakup.”

How The App Works

With the app you get free personalized self-care every day — you listen to a short audio training, then do a guided journaling activity. Plus, the app has inspirational advice, stories, and interviews readily available for you to read. Each week, you can focus on a new theme that will help you heal from your breakup, and you can also track your progress along the way through features like “Days Since Breakup,” “Days Since Last Ex Contact,” and “Self-Care Activities.”

Breakup or not, Mend seems like a great exercise in self-care, which is what self-love is all about.